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  1. Robert_Greenock

    Signatures + avater

    they might be usefull for use on other juventus forums, that do allow sigs mate
  2. Robert_Greenock

    Signatures + avater

    there some for you guys
  3. Robert_Greenock

    Juventus Tifosi, What do they say?

    absoluty stunnin
  4. Robert_Greenock

    Juventus fan display (Vs Arsenal)

    i could kiss yous guys :lol: thanks a lot
  5. Robert_Greenock

    Avatar Centre

    shocking :disagree: i thought all juve fans respected rangrs
  6. Robert_Greenock

    Avatar Centre

    thanks a lot mate
  7. Robert_Greenock

    Avatar Centre

    i would like a juventus avater with Robert_greenock in it or maybe juventus and rangers badge in it, whatever
  8. Robert_Greenock

    Avatar Centre

    Could some please make me a signature and a Avater i would donate all of my point to them. thanks
  9. Robert_Greenock

    Signatures + avater

    thanks mate, this forum is soo big i dont know where to post as you have seen mine you will know its very small
  10. Robert_Greenock

    Signatures + avater

    Can anybody make Signatures and an avater for me :cool: i need it done on photoshop and i dont know anything about points but ill give all my points you :eyebrows:
  11. Robert_Greenock

    Top 10 Forwards

    1. Raul 2. Del Piero 3. Rooney 4. Trezuget 5. Ronaldo 6. Ronaldinho 7. Shevchenko 8. Prso 9. Kaka 10. Ruud Van Nistelroy
  12. Robert_Greenock

    Post any questions about your trip to Delle Alpi HERE.

    I got the thumbs up of my parents for comming over to italy for 3 or 4 days and to go and watch the juventus game :toast: I just wanted to know, whats the best seats in the stadium, I would like to be next to ultras :D very happy :D maybe i could even get a couple of beers with...
  13. Robert_Greenock

    The one and only Capello thread

    Alex mcliesh or paul le guen
  14. Robert_Greenock

    [CL] Juventus vs Arsenal

    I dont think use guys would want to play Villareal Anways we played them and they cheated us, the keeper acted like a drama queen and and for the hole injury time he was on the ground complainng about his head
  15. Robert_Greenock

    Juventus fan display (Vs Arsenal)

    Agree with you mate
  16. Robert_Greenock

    funny pics

    nice thread guys very Funny!
  17. Robert_Greenock

    Farewell, goodbye and I quit...

    Take care mate
  18. Robert_Greenock

    Definitive Transfers 2006/2007

    W.Gallas has been linked to Juve
  19. Robert_Greenock

    The...I want this player to Juve thread

    Okay guys i have a deal for Juventus how about use give us 8 million for Scotlands wonder kid , Chris Burke