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  1. Kopanja

    Serie A 2018/19

    Game changer for me, "Milan best player", sounds impressive
  2. Kopanja

    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    Most people are all for Varane, but Marcelo is going downhill already.
  3. Kopanja

    Joao Felix - AM/SS - Benfica

    I like this kid
  4. Kopanja

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Do you think that carrying fewer muscles impact his speed negatively?
  5. Kopanja


    Loma dismantled Krolla in a mismatch, props for Krolla though, he step up when no one wanted
  6. Kopanja

    Paulo Dybala

    Ramsey ticks all your boxes tbh.
  7. Kopanja

    [Serie A] SPAL 2-1 JUVENTUS [April 13th, 2019]

    Cuads is back :heart:
  8. Kopanja

    Massimiliano Allegri

  9. Kopanja

    Rodrigo Bentancur

    Mandragora is at least level below Rodrigo in pure ability. Benta is underrated here, put him in Ajax and he is going to be a fapboy in Mercato thread.
  10. Kopanja

    Douglas Costa

    When he is on it's a pure joy to watch
  11. Kopanja

    [CL] Ajax 1-1 JUVENTUS [April 10th, 2019]

    We were not able to slow game down, we are going to do it at home and dissect them
  12. Kopanja

    Massimiliano Allegri

    Imps suck tbh, even goblins and gnolls are better
  13. Kopanja

    Federico Bernardeschi

    Fair enough. I like him though. Kid has a talent and a spine, he just needs time, and preferably play in 2 man midfield.
  14. Kopanja

    Federico Bernardeschi

    Oh but he was.
  15. Kopanja

    Leonardo Bonucci

    Good game Strom Thurmond
  16. Kopanja

    Federico Bernardeschi

    :agree: It was a nothing special (if not bad) game from him.
  17. Kopanja

    Wojciech Szczęsny

    Idk, didn't see super saves from him, did his job, basically. The goal was not his fault and everything else was a regular business.
  18. Kopanja

    Miralem Pjanić

    exhibit A: Roma Pjanic
  19. Kopanja

    Federico Bernardeschi

    Nah, it was not a good game