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  1. Emre Can

    I thought he played well and was the only guy trying his heart out right till the end.
  2. Miralem Pjanić

    Because they simply don't have enough technical qualities. Players like Xavi and Iniesta would flourish under pressure because their technical ability meant they'd make those trying to pressure them look silly. Our guys crash like a house of cards under pressure, because they have no way out of it.
  3. Daniele Rugani

  4. [CL] JUVENTUS 1-2 Ajax [April 16th, 2019]

    Juve simply lacks technical ability so they are easy to press out of a match.
  5. Medhi Benatia

    Having him in defence alone is safer than having both Bon & Shaggy Rogers defending together.
  6. Miralem Pjanić

    If we want to pinpoint blame for our weak brand of football for the last few seasons, look no further. The guy has zero ability to control the tempo. Good at dead ball situations, that's it.
  7. Paulo Dybala

    This guy will remain a prospect for his entire career, like Gio.
  8. Leonardo Bonucci

    Not sure how he ever made it to the pros as a defender. Simply cannot defend.
  9. [CL] JUVENTUS 1-2 Ajax [April 16th, 2019]

    Not even annoyed or surprised as this result was obvious after the first leg. Our midfield has zero technical abilities and our CB's are Park footballers. Dybala surprises me the way he's really fallen away this season. Italian football is dead.
  10. Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    Can is doing okay
  11. Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    Game over, thanks for coming Juve. Sell Benatia keep Bonucci and Rugani, yeah great decisions .
  12. Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    Disgusting team lacking technical ability
  13. Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    Lol, like we know how or are capable of doing that
  14. Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    Rugani is worse than Bonucci
  15. Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    No technical ability in this team other team Ronaldo. How did that dud Rugani miss the header.
  16. Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    This one's over already, Juve are anti football.
  17. Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    Can we send our players to the Ajax academy?
  18. Paulo Dybala

    Looking more and more like Messi's heir after each game.
  19. Miralem Pjanić

    Interesting, same as 90% of his career games.
  20. Miralem Pjanić

    He'll learn how to control the midfield one day, maybe after retirement?