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    Congrats The time has come when we feel meh about a scudetto
  2. Massimiliano Allegri

    Arsenal didn't win the CL under Wenger, MU only won it twice in 26 years with Ferguson. Just saying.
  3. Paulo Dybala

    Swap with Salah. If Pool are stupid enough and rumours about his relations with Klopp are true. Otherwise sign Felix.
  4. Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    Pogba won't come, SMS is one season wonder, Kante is good but I prefer some creativity. Ndombele it is.
  5. Champions League 2018/19

  6. Champions League 2018/19

    Well when Juve doesn't play I don't care about defending As a neutral I hated tika taka though, that was lame
  7. Champions League 2018/19

    One of the most entertaining games I have seen in a while Come at me tactical experts
  8. Champions League 2018/19

    Guardiola spending billions and nothing
  9. Champions League 2018/19

    Offside hahahahahhahahahahaha
  10. Champions League 2018/19

    Eriksen can go fuck himself Doing an Evra
  11. Champions League 2018/19

  12. Champions League 2018/19

    Llorente Dont var this now
  13. Champions League 2018/19

    Ajax got this
  14. Miralem Pjanić

    Ideally Pogba, Ndombele and De Ligt
  15. Champions League 2018/19

    3:2 Looool
  16. Champions League 2018/19

    What a game City loool
  17. Massimiliano Allegri

    Having no suitable alternative, I don't mind it. But he should fix our attacking play, it's the worst from all top teams out there.
  18. João Cancelo

    Or he could have liked it by accident while scrolling through comments. I know I do that sometimes.
  19. Miralem Pjanić

    Him, Dybala and Costa must be sold.
  20. [CL] JUVENTUS 1-2 Ajax [April 16th, 2019]

    Meh. I think I need some time off this team anyway. But who I am kidding, I will probably read all the transfer rumours come summer.