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  1. Boksic

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Having a better attacking outlet on the left of our midfield would help. I think him and Ramsey could work well (provided he is fit)
  2. Boksic

    Alex Sandro

    One of our better performers at the moment
  3. Boksic


    Superb achievement, not easy to keep the focus to keep winning titles. CAMPIONI D'ITALIA :jflag2:
  4. Boksic


    :lol: Surely something with the word dominate would work better
  5. Boksic

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    The one time we do things at pace and put the ball in early we score. Who'd have thought it?
  6. Boksic

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    Never known a player to receive the ball and have his momentum/touch take him away from goal as much as Matuidi. Seems like his body position is always wrong, I suppose it is impressive that he keeps the ball.
  7. Boksic

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    Our attacking play is painfully slow and predictable. I wish they'd try to get the ball in early every once in a while instead of waiting for their entire defence and only Matuidi to join Ronaldo in the box. Can has been good and a well taken goal by Alex Sandro.
  8. Boksic

    Aaron Ramsey

    Crazy wages for a guy this injury prone
  9. Boksic

    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    Not convinced of a Pjanic/Ramsey holding midfield duo. But would be happy for Pochettino to come.
  10. Boksic

    The Financial Situation

    Exactly, we need to fund Ramsey's wages somehow
  11. Boksic

    Massimiliano Allegri

    Why not? We have played several different systems under him and did play decent football at a time.
  12. Boksic

    Daniele Rugani

    We should loan him to some English team. I know not the best place to learn to be a defender and I don't rate the league but he needs to be forced into an environment where football is fast paced and aggressive. Sitting on the bench and coming in vs lower Serie A teams has done him absolutely...
  13. Boksic

    João Cancelo

    :agree: His performances pre-injury were superb and his defensive play did improve. He has looked incredibly rusty since coming back, his touch is off (which is usually excellent) and he doesn't seem confident. I have no doubts about him as our starting RB next season.
  14. Boksic

    Massimiliano Allegri

    I want to see him show something in the remaining games that hints at a positive change next season. The scudetto is there, we have nothing else to play for. I want to see if he can get us playing decent football.
  15. Boksic

    Paulo Dybala

    In his defence he has barely played and when he has it has been effectively as a right mid. Suddenly playing as a false 9 and having played 90 mins for the first time in ages a few days ago didn't help either. But his head seems completely gone, he looks like he is moping around the field. He...
  16. Boksic

    Leonardo Bonucci

    The annoying thing is we all know that he will be. And for the season after that.
  17. Boksic

    Massimiliano Allegri

    I honestly don't know what the problem is. I actually still rate Allegri highly but we have to look at why we failed. Is it because the midfield and defence isn't strong enough? Probably. Who is at fault for that? Marotta? Is Allegri satisfied by it. Are we too far ahead in Serie A that we...
  18. Boksic

    Leonardo Bonucci

    Been a disaster all season. There was no reason to think it would be anything different in the biggest match of the season.
  19. Boksic

    Federico Bernardeschi

    Another one who is badly off form. He has been terrible since the Atletico game.
  20. Boksic

    Medhi Benatia

    Spot on. And where was his replacement today? Ah yes, entirely predictable that the injury prone Caceres would get injured at a time we needed him. Benatia had a very good season last year overall and then was dropped for a guy who I genuinely have lost count of how many goals he has cost us...