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  1. Hello all :)

    Hey all Juventino's It's been awhile since I last visited the forums. Been around 2 years now. All this while I have still been supporting Juventus no matter what happens and I'll try to come to the forums from time to time. It feels good to be back. Cheers all :D
  2. About learning Italian

    Hi all! i'm intending to learn basic Italian. Do u have any web or ways, so to kick off my learning journey? Thanks.! :)
  3. Cannavaro proud to be a Juventino

    Fabio Cannavaro has committed his future to Juventus by insisting it’s wrong to solely blame former director general Luciano Moggi for Italian football’s problems. Juve have been dragged into the centre of the ‘Calciopoli’ scandal after a number of intercepted telephone calls made by Moggi...