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  1. Forum Bugs & Suggestions

    Posting here since the Mod thread seemingly has been closed Disclaimer: This post is childish, but hopefully also a bit fun and useful for others on this forum. @GordoDeCentral @Enron @Marty @Mark @Salvo Can any of you throw some light on why Gordo keeps banning me and seemingly other people...
  2. Massimiliano Allegri

    Yeah some disgusting low-key racism going on from Post Ironic and Gordo. They rule this place though and set the rules. 1555075703 It's hard to know what was going on really. It was a bit remarkable what happened to Benatia, if we like him or not. And remember it is very rare that a player...
  3. Injury Updates

    Imagine if Cuadrado is fit for fight right now and shows same form as he had before his injury. I would be so disappointed in his exclusion from the CL list. Maybe we didnt expect to go past Atlectico.
  4. Mario Mandžukić

    My take on this fellas season, I cant keep it in: There are so many excuses for Mario. We have been the whole way around now. So many myths about how he actually contributes to the team, and all of them debunked one by one. First it was how many goals he can score and that he definitely didnt...
  5. Wojciech Szczęsny

    lol, he has been top 3 ever since he came here and played. He has shown his class game after game.
  6. [Serie A] SPAL 2-1 JUVENTUS [April 13th, 2019]

    Didn't know we signed him
  7. [CL] Ajax 1-1 JUVENTUS [April 10th, 2019]

    I bet you didn't watch Ajax against Real and Bayern. They dominated Real home and away. They have an incredibly talented and energetic group of players, and they play as a team with grinta and passion. It's very rare for such a 'small team' to peak like this and have no obvious gaping...
  8. Douglas Costa

    Ronaldo has scored tons of goals throughout his career, in different setups. He doesnt need a useless Mandzukic to function. He has never looked as frustrated as he does now, his entire career. What he needs is a team who can hold on to the ball, run and create chances and space. Costa, Kean...
  9. Mario Mandžukić

    What utter useless player. Even Amauri and Iaquinta had more output than this skinny dude. He deserves as much criticism as Bonucci, Sandro and Costa have received, and so does his clueless defenders in here.
  10. [CL] Ajax 1-1 JUVENTUS [April 10th, 2019]

    before almighty Gondogor bans me again for his own reasons, just wanna add that I think we did better than expected against this incredible Ajax team. Sandro was our Cuadrado this game and the most stable and secure on the ball, contrary some ignorant comments. I don't get the whole lolzilian...
  11. Cristiano Ronaldo

    To be honest, I never really liked Ronaldo, as I didnt know much about him and he was just this annoying dude who kept scoring against us, winning everything for disgusting clubs and has his primadonna attitude. But after seeing him here, how hard he works, how much he cares and what he...
  12. Douglas Costa

    yeah it was running wild, so its good that you can swoop in and hand out warnings to Hydde and I, thanks again. We were being a bit rough with post_ironic, unjustified.
  13. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Is it terrible body language to demand more of your mates and actually giving a fuck?
  14. Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    What is it exactly he does really really well?
  15. Douglas Costa

    So now we see that you are far from flawless. Then why are you spending half your posts with your stupid gang attitude trying to make fun of other posters, tagging your sisters and posting your stupid laughing smilies, it ruins the forum. Yes I don't change my view on a player based on a few...
  16. [Serie A] JUVENTUS 4-1 Udinese [March 8th, 2019]

    Wtf happened to Spina? Has he been injured or why don't we use him? He was very impressive the times he played. 1551659529 The thing is, we might need the fucker that game. If Costa gets back and we can establish some proper wingplay. I don't trust that we are suddenly gonna play our way...
  17. [Serie A] JUVENTUS 4-1 Udinese [March 8th, 2019]

    Agree, a very long one that is. ;)
  18. Massimiliano Allegri

    Can't believe it, but I would consider Pep as well. Never liked him, but he would cause a lot of changes and new philosophy to this stubborn setup
  19. Douglas Costa

    You also loved Allegri and saw nothing wrong with our style of play, and you also said Can was very underrated in here but now you are making fun of some posters who wanted him here lol. You are changing your stories and colors all of the time. Thats the story about you. Trying to be the smart...
  20. Douglas Costa

    @Post Ironic How are your lineups and player selections going so far? Hating on Costa and our other creative players, protecting a mostly useless Croat. :andyandbarcelona::lol3: