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  1. Raziel

    Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

    Melo, I think.
  2. Raziel

    [FRIENDLY] JUVENTUS vs Villarreal, August 7th 2009

    bring in Zanetti or Tiago. >_>
  3. Raziel

    David Trezeguet

    just read the news. great start to this day :D
  4. Raziel

    The Gaby Milito to Juve saga

    i really hope this is true (well, a bit pricey but oh well...), i think he's a good defender and, most of all, we need a good signing to raise our confidence a bit :) our defence might actually be good next season.
  5. Raziel

    Serie B: Juventus vs Spezia [06-10-2007]

    hahahahahaha, everytime someone can't bring a solid argument into a discussion, they end up saying this is teh internet and it's not serious. lol. anyways, let's just wrap this up here so it doesn't degenerate, shall we? i feel sory that we lost. at least we finally got out of this nightmare.
  6. Raziel

    Serie B: Juventus vs Spezia [06-10-2007]

    look, we don't exactly know what trez meant by that gesture and we don't know the reason for his probable departure, so i think it's too early to call him a mercenary. you may be right, but, either way, you're still annoying.
  7. Raziel

    Serie B: Juventus vs Spezia [06-10-2007]

    you're annoying. :tdown: also, damn zebina for ruining boji's goal.
  8. Raziel

    David Trezeguet

    judging by his gestures during today's match, trez is leaving :cry: he will always remain my favourite player ever.
  9. Raziel

    Gianluigi Buffon will be in black and white until 2012

    because of this, i now have some faith in our management. best piece of news in quite a while, definitely. hope trez stays too ^_^
  10. Raziel


    This Totti guy should be banned or at least warned
  11. Raziel

    Emerson To Real For 17 Mil

  12. Raziel

    Emerson To Real For 17 Mil

    Romanians don't hate Juve, I mean, come on, there's a freakin' interview of a romanian Juve fan on the site. Plus, i'm from Romania and I'm a Juve fan, quite new though, but I hate Roma, even though Chivu plays there.