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  1. zizinho

    Juan Cuadrado

  2. zizinho

    The NBA Thread

    Mexico and Seattle should get a team
  3. zizinho

    Serie A 2019/20

    Meh hes become repetitive and boring. A Serie C version of Hamsik (claiming the scudetto each year)
  4. zizinho

    Fernando Llorente

    Nando refused Monaco and epl for a return to Spain, Fab had the same excuse of players refusing to leave being used to defend him this summer
  5. zizinho

    Serie A 2019/20

    Forza napoli
  6. zizinho

    Paulo Dybala

    40 was the number iirc. If Mertens can score 30 under sarree, Dybi will score 40 easily :baus:
  7. zizinho

    Paulo Dybala

    Will score 50 under sarree
  8. zizinho

    Adrien Rabiot

    Gigi will keep him in check for sarree, thats what hes here for
  9. zizinho

    The NBA Thread

    Then Argentina loses to Spain. Last team to kick out USA before this was Greece in 2006, who then loses to a Pau Gasol less Spain. Marc Gasol has had a nice summer. NBA and World Champion in the span of few months
  10. zizinho

    Mattia De Sciglio

    Soon we will have no fullbacks left
  11. zizinho

    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    I remember him at WB in peps last game (Pokal final) but not sure if it was for the whole game
  12. zizinho

    Domenico Berardi

  13. zizinho

    Luca Pellegrini

  14. zizinho

    Sami Khedira

    If only he could keep his best form on entire games for long parts of the season, but sadlý hes not at his phýsical peak anýmore. We need Ramsey back because Can is not gonna cut it in this role
  15. zizinho

    Maurizio Sarri

    Auditioning to be our next 100M CB:tuttosport:
  16. zizinho

    Maurizio Sarri

    Koulibaly late winner again damn it
  17. zizinho

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    Healthy draw
  18. zizinho

    Champions League 2019/20

    They are gonna fight Dortmund for 2nd place, h2h will decide. But they arent a top side (yet) so people have their doubts
  19. zizinho

    La Liga 2019/20

  20. zizinho

    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    Dybala and Pjanic for Verratti and di Maria