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  1. [CL] Atlético de Madrid 2-2 JUVENTUS [September 18th, 2019]

    They scored the second as De Ligt didn't even jump for the ball and I think it was Matuidi who lost the battle. I didn't see Atlético control anything, yes they played well but maybe one or two clear chances as the home team.
  2. [CL] Atlético de Madrid 2-2 JUVENTUS [September 18th, 2019]

    That just invites pressure and then we concede and can't get back into the game.
  3. [CL] Atlético de Madrid 2-2 JUVENTUS [September 18th, 2019]

    We were excellent tonight apart from a couple of things. Obviously losing Chiellini has made us weak at set pieces so De Ligt and Bonucci will have to learn fast but on the floor both were very good. As I said earlier, Cuadrado is a much better option than Berna on the wing. I think Rabiot...
  4. Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    Get Higuain off, he is hopeless. Dybala time please.
  5. [CL] Atlético de Madrid 2-2 JUVENTUS [September 18th, 2019]

    They have a weakened defence but a strong midfield so that's the battle we need to win. Felix looks like he'd only need one chance to score and then if they go defensive we'll struggle. With a boring lineup to start with we control the game and then go for the win with our substitutions if we...
  6. [CL] Atlético de Madrid 2-2 JUVENTUS [September 18th, 2019]

    Since Costa is out we should go 4 in midfield. Pjanic, Matuidi, Khedira will start so add into that Rabiot and I think we should boss possession and be solid defensively. If we need to get the goal later we swap in Ramsey. It's a safe strategy but I don't see how Berna will help us, rather...
  7. Champions League 2019/20

    I watched both Inter and Napoli closely. With Conte and his 3-5-2 he refused to change anything and they looked poor all night. Like I've said before they have little creativity so Lukaku and Lautaro were isolated all game. Slavia easily cut through at times when the full backs were out of...
  8. Champions League 2019/20

    In the modern era where defending is less about defending, Ramos has got to be considered a great.
  9. Serie A 2019/20

    Anyone who watched Inter in action today still think they'll win the league?
  10. [CL] Atlético de Madrid 2-2 JUVENTUS [September 18th, 2019]

    I remember Sarri getting annoyed before the EL final last year, Higuain was dropped for Giroud. First half was even but Chelsea blew Arsenal away in the second as Sarri claimed his first title, European title too...
  11. Serie A 2019/20

    I understand the problem now. I am going to rephrase my previous incendiary comment: In my personal opinion Inter is not strong. Sarri has not played our new signings as much as I would have liked personally. I do not know how other members of the forum feel about my observation. From my...
  12. Serie A 2019/20

    You seem to think I have an agenda against you but I don't. You pick up on certain words and get triggered. You have every right to ignore or block me if you find my comments attack you personally or cause you any distress.
  13. Serie A 2019/20

    Replace the word insecure with sad. I apologise for hurting your feelings. Let Inter play a good team first, we play them in October and if they're real contenders they'll take points off us.
  14. Maurizio Sarri

    Hysterical people here. We beat our main rival Napoli with Khedira and Matuidi starting. We drew away after losing three starters to injury against a spirited Fiorentina. We looked like clowns at Atlético last year but were excellent in the return.
  15. Serie A 2019/20

    Inter lack the quality. Let's see how they deal with Barca and Dortmund, I suspect Conte will be ultra defensive and they'll have little possession. Compare that to Napoli last season who went toe to toe with PSG and champions Liverpool but were unlucky to be eliminated. A lot of people are...
  16. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Agree that Morgan a wanker but it's good to see a different side to Ronaldo
  17. [CL] Atlético de Madrid 2-2 JUVENTUS [September 18th, 2019]

    Well, we lose Kean and Mandzukic and piss off Dybala enough then we're going to struggle to get anyone in January. Maybe we get Icardi in Summer to ride the bench like Dybala because he doesn't excel in Sarriball like Higuain.
  18. Cristiano Ronaldo

    He's human after all.
  19. [CL] Atlético de Madrid 2-2 JUVENTUS [September 18th, 2019]

    Last season in Turin, Atlético didn't touch the ball and Ronaldo was thrusting his willy into Simeone's face. If Danilo recovers I think Cuadrado will be on the wing instead of Berna. Hope Dybala gets to play, it looks like we're trying to force a move in January with no replacement...
  20. [CL] Atlético de Madrid 2-2 JUVENTUS [September 18th, 2019]

    4-4-2 diamond, Dybala and Ronaldo with Ramsey behind them. Bentancur, Rabiot, Pjanic or Matuidi if there are injuries.