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  1. portuguese players

    costinha plays in same place as davids. moggi in interested in him but he won´t leave. porto wants 15 million euro. i´m glad he stays , he´s great. postiga is a great talent. only 20. he´s the future ruud van nistelrooy.
  2. portuguese players

    you are right, deco is a awesome player!!! i see him play every week, i´m a fc porto fan. he´s juve material, for sure. with nedved on the left and deco playing on the middle, my god what a team!!!!! but since costinha and paulo ferreira are also great players and juve material !!!!
  3. portuguese players

    what do you think about the portuguese players? quaresma, ronaldo, paulo ferreira, costinha, deco, tiago, and others that are not very known in italy!!!!!!!