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  1. Almajhool

    Bianconeri century team

  2. Almajhool

    juve attendences (home and away)

    it's a discrase for the city and its people .. having a champion team like juve, you would expect a big support from ppl there .. however, i think it all comes back to the fact .. PPl support turino ;)
  3. Almajhool

    Thoughts about the team

    What amazes me is that YOU GUYS did really what I was saying .. you took me post and developed it into a new DP love / love not post .. My main idea was that ENOUGH talking about DP .. he’s a symbol of our team but that doesn’t mean he’s above everybody else. DP guaranteed his role in...
  4. Almajhool

    Thoughts about the team

    technically .. he got one goal from open play against buffon :D:angel:
  5. Almajhool

    Thoughts about the team

    Hey fellas It’s been a long time since I last post here .. and I’m glad I’m back in a good time like this for juve. It’s an impressive start for juve this year, thu, I don’t think we are at our peak yet but we’re getting there .. Defense, 4 games no goals in .. sweet all I can say ...
  6. Almajhool

    where is juve great personality?

    it's not a matter of team's spirit as much i beleive .. our current team is aging thats one .. two we lack the deapth in our midfield .. and three .. our defense .. no comment ~~ just get new players .. thats it !! we need a good replacment for Davids that we must do .. hopefully...
  7. Almajhool

    SERIE A: Inter - Juventus

    it's good to be back fellas .. but not so good with juve's loss and the crappy performance .. match after match .. we lack a deapth in our midfield .. - davids rule - not mentioning our defense .. this team needs big change, Yep .. Moggi u need to spend more !!! persianMafia .. good...
  8. Almajhool

    Barcelona - Juventus

    ' how ya doin mate :D:D:D
  9. Almajhool

    Barcelona - Juventus

  10. Almajhool

    what´s up , I´m new

    Welcome to the forum .. :D hope u like it ..
  11. Almajhool

    100% R&B, Rap

    I agree B.I.G .. was increadiablly great .. but .. not the greatest .. .. anyways .. Eminem .. Rabbit Run .. EMINEM/ DMX / Obi Trice .. Go to Sleep .. some consider'em as a kinda rap hip hop .. band LP .. somewhere i belong ..
  12. Almajhool

    Carlo Ancelotti

    most of our victories r based on carlo's work .. he's brilliant .. but .. the only thing .. is that his team .. loses passion with time .. beside .. Lippi .. helped the player sychologically ..
  13. Almajhool

    Your Italy

    not bad ... the way i see it .. ............................ Buffon ............................... ..... Lagoro. ....... Canav. ....................... Nesta ...................... Tachi ............................... Camo. ..................... Fiore...
  14. Almajhool

    How do you think Juve will end the season?

    I think Juve is more into CL than scudetto .. most the players r determined they want the CL .. we have a good chance .. Barca is a giant team .. so r we .. I'll go with CL
  15. Almajhool

    Sick Of Real Madrid?

    :D eventhu .. i agree totally with him .. i still don't like the idea of a professional player attackin another team in this way ..
  16. Almajhool

    Juventus FC v Internazionale Milan

    nice to be back .. mate .. i missed postin eventhough i was viewin the forum from time to time .. Cheers ..
  17. Almajhool

    Juventus FC v Internazionale Milan

    Erik is giving alex a hard time as usual alex is refering to his post .. which erik .. posted later .. :D
  18. Almajhool

    Juventus FC v Internazionale Milan

    Hi .. guys .. long time no see .. it's nice being back posting .. in such a good game .. Forza Juve ..
  19. Almajhool

    La Coppa Italia: Reggina - Juventus

    Hey .. congratts every1 on .. forum comming back .. and for the win ..
  20. Almajhool

    Newcastle vs Juventus

    another thing i believe out team is suffering from is enthusiasim ... seems like juve's players r forced to play ... and the conterversal happens with milan ... ========================= i forgot .. lippi needs to find new ways to motivate his players