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  1. Kenan Yıldız

    Right footed Dybala
  2. Weston “Get In My Belly” McKennie

    Is everyone so convince that this swap is happening? would be a fantastic move.
  3. Azzurri Thread

    Worst I've ever seen him play, I wonder what the hell was going on, he was excellent against turkey
  4. Azzurri Thread

    No, but who is that?
  5. Azzurri Thread

    I wonder how safe Di Lorenzo's starting position is, Bellanova and Cambiaso are pushing hard. 1717961971 Not sure, but more than a wrong pass what he was doing wrong at the start was occupying the same positions as Jorginho and playing it very safe. The Last 20 minutes or so of the half he...
  6. Azzurri Thread

    Frattesi always quick and clutch. Chiesa and Fagioli have grown into the game , took them a bit to get more involved.
  7. Azzurri Thread
  8. Azzurri Thread

    Exciting lineup. The ball should flow with the midfield and attack. Except for Jorginho and Darmian it's pretty young too. 1717959603 Frattesi is such a good player. Marotta signed Barella and Barella's regen.
  9. Nicolò Fagioli

    Fagioli, Chiesa, Cambiaso, and Calafiori are supposed to start according to Sky
  10. Summer Mercato season 2024-25

    Precisely because of this is that he is wishing him injury. It would be a disgusting move to go for him.
  11. Euro 2024 General Discussion Thread

    England losing, Germany losing, feel better about our showing vs Turkey. Unimpressive, but at least Turkey didnt cause trouble at all. 1717789889 I don't expect a repeat of the last euros, but I do think people are underestimating Italy. The main problem is that Spalletti has had no time and he...
  12. Federico Chiesa

    This all sounds like fanfiction to get clicks between the season and the euros. No need to react to these rumors.
  13. The Azzurrini (U21-20-19...) Thread

    I was only able to watch highlights of the games, looked dominant. Really impressed with the talent. 2024 U17 euro champions 2023 U19 euro champions 2023 U20 world cup finalists 2021 senior euro champions Only the U21 disappointed in that game vs Norway in the last euros. Camarda, Liberali...
  14. Federico Gatti

    He is apparently called to stay on alert but is staying in Torino, I guess he will join the squad if someone else gets injured.
  15. Federico Chiesa

    Senseless to think of selling Chiesa when a coach might come and actually play with wingers.
  16. Summer Mercato season 2024-25

    McKennie can be a back up in a moment of squad transition, not more. He reminds me of Estigarribia, alright but not good enough in that role. Giaccherini and Pereyra were better than McKennie and were squad players. I hope we keep Soule, he showed enough this season.
  17. Nicolò Fagioli

    Scamacca is definitely going to Germany. The only 2 nines in the list are Scamacca and Retegui, they both cemented their spots.
  18. Azzurri Thread

    Pellegrini, Scamacca and Chiesa together is good enough. The problem is the bench. Retegui is good. Raspadori had a weird season, and the rest are unproven (or unworthy) at this level. Berardi and Zaniolo are really missed.
  19. Azzurri Thread

    Udogie is injured, he didn't look ready enough when he played for Italy though imo. Dimarco and Cambiaso are clear choices. Very surprised that Spalletti dropped Locatelli for (I imagine) one of Ricci or Fagioli. Sad for Locatelli but excited by the boldness. He was poor when he played for...
  20. Summer Mercato season 2024-25

    For RB Michael Kayode would be great to sign but for some reason we have 0 links. We could also sign a LB, Cambiaso was normally a RB even if he can play both sides. Bellanova has been great for Torino, more in line with the talent he showed as a youth player, PL teams linked with him.