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  1. Tha Bo$$

    Analysis of Summer Transfer requirements

    Realistically: In: D'Agostino, Criscito, Zapata, Pandev. Out: De Ceglie(part of the D'Ago deal, unfortunately), Poulsen, Zebina, Trezeguet. So probable first 11 could be: --------------------Buffon--------------------- Zapata----Cannavaro---Chiellini---Criscito...
  2. Tha Bo$$

    Andrea Dossena

    I'd prefer we got Criscito back than sign another LB that struggles with defending. We need a RB too - Zapata is my first choice for that, as he could be the new Thuram and possibly switch to being a CB once Cannavaro retires.
  3. Tha Bo$$

    Diego DONE DEAL(read posts #1 & #4786)

    I feel Diego will be a great signing for Juve and he has the potential to be a Juve legend, he's scored past quite a few Italian teams already in his career. I want the deal signed and sealed asap tho as seeing it fall through like the Alonso transfer last summer would be really hard to take.
  4. Tha Bo$$

    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

    I think CR was thinking of Tiago - Sissoko midfield again for the 2nd leg, but now siss is out I think he should replce him with Marchisio, but I fear he's gonna put the more experienced Poulsen in there. He may even swap his original idea entirely and put Marchisio with Poulsen, as that...
  5. Tha Bo$$

    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

    As much as it sucks, CR is gonna play Brazzo at right wing. Why else would he leave him on for 90mins against Torino? the only reason I can see is to get his fitness levels up, as he was giving us nothing down the right side. If CR was gonna play Giovinco on the RW against Chelsea then surely...
  6. Tha Bo$$

    [EU] The Champions League Draw

    JCK, United can't play Villareal again. I hope Juve do get Sporting, if not then Lyon or Villareal or Athletico, I'd like to avoid the english clubs at this stage. My prediction: Juventus - Arsenal Man Utd - Sporting Inter - Porto Liverpool - Villareal Roma - Lyon Barcelona -...
  7. Tha Bo$$

    [Champions League] JUVENTUS vs Bate (12/10/08)

    A nice 3pts before we play Milan would be nice. Giovinco to score.
  8. Tha Bo$$

    Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    Great Ball from DP but what was that from Molicrapo!!! Anyone but him.
  9. Tha Bo$$

    [Champions League] Real Madrid vs JUVENTUS (11/05/08)

    Absolutley stunning victory. We could not have expected to do the double of Real. How's Del Piero not in the running for the Ballon D'or? He's a magican...
  10. Tha Bo$$

    [Champions League] JUVENTUS vs Real Madrid (10/21/08)

    If we play with Molinaro, Sali, Knezevic then we are doomed to lose, and heavily. I think Van Der Vaart and Sneijder will rip us apart if Sissoko isn't on his game and we start with the above. I hope for a good result for Juve, as I dream of lifting the CL again, but I just cant see us...
  11. Tha Bo$$

    [SERIE A] Napoli - Juventus (18th October, 2008)

    I agree mate. Very good post.
  12. Tha Bo$$

    [SERIE A] Napoli - Juventus (18th October, 2008)

    Yeah it was shocking, no composure or class at all. Legro would have taken a nice touch and passed it out.
  13. Tha Bo$$

    [SERIE A] Napoli - Juventus (18th October, 2008)

    I know he's obviously young but is he any good? Can't say I've seen much of him. Did he come on in one of CL games for the last 10mins? against Artmedia was it. He can't be any worse than Knezevic - he's just awful and has no composure at all.
  14. Tha Bo$$

    [SERIE A] Napoli - Juventus (18th October, 2008)

    Do we have no alternatives to Knezevic in defence at the moment?
  15. Tha Bo$$

    [SERIE A] Napoli - Juventus (18th October, 2008)

    Nedved is way way past his best, I don't think he did one thing right tonight, I just wish he would have retired in the summer as he's been a legend for this club and it's hard to watch how bad he is these days. Why's CR starting with Molinaro, how much proof does he want that he's a bad...
  16. Tha Bo$$

    [Champions League] BATE Borisov - Juventus (30 September, 2008)

    Oh no Marchionni please. Did you see him play lately? very poor.
  17. Tha Bo$$

    [Champions League] BATE Borisov - Juventus (30 September, 2008)

    I agree with that line-up, but tbh I see Ranieri playing Marchisio in place of Giovinco. You know how CR thinks - Defence, Defence, Defence!!!
  18. Tha Bo$$

    [SERIE A] Sampdoria - Juventus (27th September, 2008)

    Lets see what CR has to say after this match. Pathetic!
  19. Tha Bo$$

    Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    we've actually played woesr since DP went off. So Lacklustre.
  20. Tha Bo$$

    Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    I said before Molinaro even crossed it he'll mess it up - I wasn't wrong!! Why does he still play for us?