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  1. Valley

    OFFICIAL: Boumsong to Juve (4.8m €)

    Calling Deschamps... To be fair, he's better than Titus Bramble. Though that is not saying much.
  2. Valley

    Juve still after Barzagli!

    LOL, exactly, we could end up with Boumsong.
  3. Valley

    Raffaele Palladino

    I am a bit worried about the rumours to do with Felipe. Football Italia say that Felipe might come to Juve, if Juve agree to the co-ownership of Masiello and Palladino. Sorry, but that sounds like a crap deal.
  4. Valley

    Juventus sign Konko

    Konko is now co-owned by Siena and will play for them next season. Correct? That seems a bit too much like the old Juve for me. What was the point in getting him in the first place?
  5. Valley

    Juve to sign felipeand richardinho

    Juve would not sign Kerlon.
  6. Valley

    Chiellini: “My future is with Juventus”

    We came close to losing him a few times since he joined us, on various co-ownership and swap deals IIRC. It's great that he is staying now.
  7. Valley

    Marchionni begins Juve career

    26 isn't young, most players probably peak at roughly that age. Marchionni is one for the present, not the future :agree:
  8. Valley

    The First Words of Bojinov

    I can't help but think this: No matter how promising and enthusiastic he is, he ain't ours. It's just a loan, and we only have the option to buy 50% of him. Of course, we could use that option, and then try to buy the other half, but if he has a really good season that won't be cheap...
  9. Valley

    The verdict - Calciopoli charges announced

    Shit. Mid table finish at best next season then. :(
  10. Valley

    Ryan Giggs

    10 minute highlight of Giggs' career so far. Obviously some great dribbling and amazing pace when on the ball. But he also scored some lovely goals. Including a right foot (!) curler from outside the box, some good free kicks and some classy tricks. Unfortunately, a lot of the music...
  11. Valley

    Co-owned and loaned Players

    I don't know anything about Gladstone, just seemed like a standard Moggi-era transfer last summer, bringing him in and loaning him out straight away. BTW, apparently Palladino is returning to Juve. No news on whether he will be loaned out again, but SURELY they would not do that.
  12. Valley

    Real state Cannavaro case

    If Moggi were still around he would somehow make that happen :D
  13. Valley

    bojinov in mutu out

    Mutu would have been immense in Serie B. As for Bojinov.... The guy definitely has potential. In recent years Juve hasn't exactly been a team for developing youngsters and so this deal does seem odd. Is it worth the risk.......... I would say *probably* not. Part of the issue is that...
  14. Valley

    Co-owned and loaned Players

    Is there any news on Palladino? If we go down, he could be very important.
  15. Valley

    Transfer rumours about players leaving Juve

    What if we go down to C? Then even if we get back up to A in two years, we get back a 34 year old Cannavaro, probably ruined by forgetting how to defend in Spain, an Emerson who already looks past it in 2006, and Zambrotta, who I think will be very good still. May aswell sell Canna and Emerson...
  16. Valley

    [CL] Juventus vs Arsenal

    Will this change anything? I doubt it. Serie A is just not enough anymore, and we'll never win Europe with half these players nor with this style. It turns out that what was a strong team was not even good enough to score a single goal in 180 mins of football. What if we had to put out a...
  17. Valley

    Obituary: George Best

    I can't believe how many people are fawning over him. He is a loss to the football world, but not much of a loss to humanity.
  18. Valley

    Obituary: George Best

    An amazing player, you really do run out of superlatives for what he could do on the pitch. However, as a person, he got what he deserved. I have the utmost sympathy with his family because of what they've had to go through, but very little sympathy with him. He drunk himself to death on one...
  19. Valley

    [Serie A] Juventus vs Chievo

    I am disappointed with Nedved in this game. His touch and passing are not up to standard yet.
  20. Valley

    Don't the Juve management ever....

    look around and decide to change their youth policy? I mean, we have a very good Primavera team and have done for some time. But no one ever is given the chance at Juve. Instead, they get loaned out and eventually turn out crap. I guess Moggi sleeps soundly at night thinking "Well I'm...