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  1. babamama

    why is my name babamama? can anyone tell me? well i'll tell u. baba means father and mama means mother. so babamama means that the fatherand the mother togather in the bed,.... yes.... good. so that clears up everything. I suggest that this post should be closed.(not deleted, let it stay...
  2. bonera and gilardino

    Barca, chiesto Zambrotta alla Juve. L'alternativa è Nuno Valente Mer 07 Lug, 3:28 PM vedi foto Sfumato David Trezeguet (il francese resterà alla Juventus), il Barcellona si fionda su un altro bianconero doc, vale a dire il 27enne Gianluca Zambrotta. Ritenuto incedibile da Moggi e soci, il...
  3. bonera and gilardino

    Juventus: accordo per Bonera-Gilardino Mer 07 Lug, 12:44 PM vedi foto Con la Juve pronta a versare 22 milioni più due giovani della primavera, l`accordo tra bianconeri e Parma per Gilardino e Bonera sembra essere stato raggiunto. Ma mentre la società torinese vuole assolutamente portare in...
  4. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

    when i opened thread about francesco gouvinho lima u told me that i shouldnt have open it cause his not linked with juve and u told me i shouldnt write what i want but i should put threads that juve are linked with. is jimmy floyd haselbaink linked with us? so dont close my topics only close...
  5. crsitiano zannetti

    perrotta is going to roma or porto as it seems.
  6. crsitiano zannetti

    i havent seen any topic about him and his name is linked with us .capello is an admirer of him.
  7. nedved ask juve for janko and ujfilusi

    nedved deosnt decide who will come and go.
  8. My answer to u all.

    first i am 17 years old second i didn't say del piero was not a good player, he "was" but now his time as a great player has ended. and romano u r free to talk against me (there is something called freedom ) but if u offend me , well u din't have the right to do that.
  9. fabio cannavaro

    here is this news this news was a days ago but its influential and could be the surprise anouncment of moggi. Juventus step up bid for Inter Milan defender Cannavaro - June 29, 2004 Juventus coach Fabio Capello is stepping up his bid to land Inter Milan...
  10. Moggi Will Announce Something Big

    this surprise i think its taddei as in some news they said taddei didnt go to roma because someone interfered.also there is ferrari as he is very close to roma and he joins juve and becomes a surprise.
  11. Moggi Will Announce Something Big

    Juve, Moggi ha 30 mln da investire: assalto a Cannavaro e Joaquin Lun 05 Lug, 12:32 PM La liquidità dell'emittenti televisive nei riguardi delle grandi squadre (Juve, Inter e Milan) sta favorendo certamente il nuovo corso di Fabio Capello. Moggi, oltre ad Emerson, é intenzionato a regalare...
  12. a very important thread

    can i for example talk against del piero since i don't like him(knowing that every one(almost everyone) does) ?
  13. a very important thread

    what if i want to write a general topic giving my opinion?
  14. a very important thread

    can anyone tell me what may i put as a thread and what i may not put cause anything i have ever put was to stupid to be put . well ****! ****! ****! what the hell am i supposed to put then! DAMN! I HATE THIS SHIT! sorry but this tread was very important to me. (i know it will be...
  15. i hope juve buyes good players

    this year we need good players and we must sell del piero since he is growing weaker and weaker.(i am not saying he was not good).
  16. trapatoni joins benfica

    since this topic is about a transfer so i posted here thats why i didnt post it in other topics about international soccer. trapatoni relation to juventus is that he was our coach for time. u will like this thread.
  17. zlatan ibrahimovic

    dont tell me this is a bad topic. zlatan is wanted by juve so respect this topic .its a good one. ibrahim is an arabic name is he arabic origin zlatan.
  18. Please pass the mayo

    A kid came home from school and asked his dad, "Dad, I heard some kids talking about a thing called a ******. What is a ******, and what does it look like?" "Well, son, before sex it looks like a beautiful unopened rose." "Wow, what does it look like after sex?" "Well, son, have you ever...
  19. f1

    jacques villeneuve is the best
  20. the football of gods

    we r living on a dangereous place. we r living on a blue planet which we call earth. this is not earth..... this is the giant ball which belongs to the gods, they play football and we r the desings on the ball. we r revolving around the sun, but this is not as we call it a sun, it is the...