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  1. Davide Baiocco to Perugia

    Miccoli joins Fiorentina Tuesday 31 August, 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fabrizio Miccoli has officially signed for Fiorentina in a co-ownership deal during the closing minutes of trading. The Juventus man had been disgruntled...
  2. 'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    INCREDIBILE, Moggi is the best.
  3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is for Juve.

    Zlatan e´ Juventino:D HERE
  4. 'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    Zlatan e´ Juventino.:heart: HERE
  5. Emerson to Juventus???

    Why two defenders, I think we should invest the money in Daniele Bonera, he can play RB and CB.
  6. Juventus pre-season friendlies

    PSG-JUVENTUS 0-1 (primo tempo 0-1 ) MARCATORI: Zalayeta al 20' p.t. PSG (4-4-2): Letizi; Mendy, Pierre-Fanfan, Yepes, Armand; Cissè, M'Bami, Fiorese (Benachour dal 40's.t.), Rothen (Ateba dal 36's.t.); Reinaldo (Djajaje dal 29's.t.), Ibisevic (Tourè dal 29's.t.). (Alonzo, Badiane...
  7. Juventus pre-season friendlies

    Del Piero?
  8. Maresca to Fiorentina?

    :broken: My heart is broken, I´m so frustrated. GOOD LUCK Enzino, I always be a fan of you. This summer I will buy a fiorentina trikot, with Maresca on the back.
  9. tactics and formations

    He also can play as a CB.;)
  10. tactics and formations

    Today, that´s my line up: Buffon Zebina - Thuram - Chiellini/Legro - Zambrotta Maresca - Blasi/Tacchinardi - Kapo Nedved Trezeguet - Del Piero
  11. Juventus pre-season friendlies

    Del Piero plays 30 minutes against Genoa yesterday.
  12. Emerson to Juventus???

    Si, thats the reasons, because I think he become the transfer of the year.
  13. Split: What defenders to clear out?

    We must sell Montero, Pessotto and Tudor (but only, because Capello don´t like him). If Montero an Pessotto stay, they only play max. 10 matches in Serie A, I think.
  14. Emerson to Juventus???

    You will see, with Olivier Kapo, we have a big transfer.;)
  15. janko in few days

    We don´t need Jankulovski, if Kapo plays like this. He scores 3 goals in 4 friendly matches. So, thats for me a sign of consistent. Why should we pay 10 Mio. € for Jankulovski, when we have Olivier Kapo, and as well, he is 4 years younger than Marek. I think it´s better to invest the money in a...
  16. Soon to be official: Mutu to Juve

    I hate Adrian Mutu, because in the summer after his first season at Parma, he should be the new capitan of Parma. After that he said, oh, I´m so proud to play in this team and now I´m the captian, thats wonderful. A few days later, Abramovich comes with his millions and Adrian said - Ciao.:fero...
  17. Official : Di Vaio sold to Valencia

    It is icredibile, that we pay 20 Mio. € when Di Vaio comes from Parma. Juventus lost money on the Di vaio transfer to Valencia, but I´m happy that Marco is not in our team so far. He has some highlights during his Juventus time, but cannot play constant over a longer time. Whatever, good luck...
  18. Juventus pre-season friendlies

    GENOA-JUVENTUS 1-3 (primo tempo 0-2) MARCATORI: Kapo (J) al 9' p.t., Miccoli (J) al 18' p.t.; Brighi (J) al 31' s.t., Tosto (G) al 43' s.t. GENOA 1° tempo (3-4-1-2): Gazzoli; Lamacchi, Sottil, Tedesco; Della Morte, Nocerino, Stellini, Gemiti; Zanini; Milito, Bjelanovic. All. De Canio...
  19. damn...stankovic has signed for inter

    Yes, its right. Stankovic wasn´t needed. We have Appiah, Maresca, Brighi, Blasi and Camoranesi is also not so old, for the future. But don´t forgot Andrea Gasbarroni from Palermo, its our Player and he will come to us in the summer. I think he play a good season in the Serie B. .........Enzo...
  20. New stadium

    @IceBlu I think, the capacity will be about 40.000 to 45.000.