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  1. Buffonisgod

    Summer Mercato Thread 2018

    Washed up Ronaldo is 3x better than whoever they have in their prime.
  2. Buffonisgod

    [SI] Football Manager 2008

    That's going to be the slowest loading game ever.
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    [SI] Football Manager 2008

    Please tell me the skin of that one!
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    [SI] Football Manager 2008

    That's what she said...
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    [SI] Football Manager 2008

    Can someone tell me why the fuck the game is telling me: "Olympique Lyonnais have been unable to renew the contract of Marek Hamsik." when I have all the money in the world and I can offer much more than the player is asking? This is really annoying as it's almost Jan. 1 for me.
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    [SI] Football Manager 2008

    Thank you very much!
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    The Real Football Factories. (Not for the Faint Hearted)

    Yep. I was thinking the same. It seems like when I think of Turkish soccer, I think of Greece and vice versa. They should have done on one Greece for sure. I think they should have combined the two.
  8. Buffonisgod

    Stuttgart Moans About Juve to FIFA

    Well, when you are under contract, that's what happens. It's a two-way street. The player is just about guaranteed millions of dollars over a few years. In return, his employer can reject offers. If there were no contact, your point would have more merit in this discussion. Sports isn't like a...
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    Nery Castillo linked to la Juve!

    He's got blistering pace and can dribble very well. He plays a bit like Robben. Tends to overdribble and not make wise decisions with the ball, but a hell of a talent who can take over games. I'd love to see him at Juve and would pay up to 10 mill euros. His value has probably nearly doubled...
  10. Buffonisgod

    History section of Juventuz

    Can someone tell me what years we had the D+ jerseys in Kappa?
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    Who is Pazze for Pato? --was: Juve linked with Pato and more U-20's

    Is it South American players or just Brazilians? I think it's just Brazilians with that 18 year old rule.
  12. Buffonisgod

    David Trezeguet

    This is the most retarded move ever. Burdisso and Cruz aren't good enough to regularly start for a team that wants to finish Top 4. We already gave them Ibrahimovic for too cheap. I'd do it if they gave him back or sent Adriano and cash.
  13. Buffonisgod

    French rumours

    Cisse isn't as physically strong as Drogba, nor is he able to use his head at all. He has a hard shot and runs fast, but that's it. He has no goal-scoring skill or instincts. I will say he is faster than Drogba and might have a harder shot. That's about it.
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    **** ** ****? Just a rumor. :D

    If Alex fails to get a work permit, which is very possible, as Juan is taking his starting spot in the Brazilian XI, perhaps Chelsea will be sick of waiting for him to become eligible for EPL? Or maybe they would want to loan him to Juve so that he improves further? He doesn't have much else to...
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    I'd love to switch Camo for Adriano. I'd pay 10 mill + Camo for Adriano if need be. A winger getting close to 30 who isn't a technical whiz= career going downhill fast. Adriano is capable of being what Ibrahimovic is right now.
  16. Buffonisgod

    Franck Ribery

    He plays his ass off. I'm willing to think he's pretty loyal.
  17. Buffonisgod

    Another Ex To Return??? (Zambrotta)

    Zambro was one of my favorites, but is he a good fit for the team? Can he play RB for full-time, with Chiellini at LB? My only reservations is that he's like 29 years old.
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    Cristiano Ronaldo rumour again

    Exactly. This is why Ronaldo, as great as he is in the EPL, can be that much better in Italy. The English league has bigger and faster guys. In Serie A, Ronaldo would be one of the fastest, if not the fastest. Also, he'll have more chances for 1-on-1 dribbling, which is forbidden in the...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo rumour again

    Critics say he wouldn't last in England, but he has thrived. I consider the English game to be more physical than the Italian one.
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    {SI} Football Manager 2007

    Go to the folder were your FM.exe file is. Then copy and paste the crack to that folder. You will then be asked if you want to overwrite. Say yes.