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  1. Who will be the 'COLPO' from Moggi???

    Hmm,I don't know, maybe his mother ? :D
  2. Totti

    Of course Totti will never play at Rubentude, who the **** will ever wants to be a zebra ? :))
  3. Olivier Dacourt

    I hope we'' get at least 7 millions and get another younger player, next year we'll lose him for free.
  4. The Neverending Story-Cassano to Juve

    Year, right, Cassano to Rubentus :)) :))
  5. Nonda about Juve

    Nobody will become Zebra anymore :D
  6. The Neverending Story-Cassano to Juve

    I hope Juventus will have to pay those 20 milions Chelsea has asked fot him :D
  7. Capello eyes summer targets

    Haha, Macini is a giallrosso per sempre :D
  8. Nonda To Roma For Cassano

    yeah right, and go to faliment :))
  9. cassano or gilardino?

    i hope mutu will get cocaine again and he will be suspended for 2 years :)
  10. Nonda To Roma For Cassano

    Hmm, no, Cassano has said that he will leave Roma for a 6 millions euros wages, so no, no, cassano :D
  11. Gilardino to Juve

    Consider this topic closed please, Gila is ours: "Juventus may have dropped out of the race to sign Under-21 ace Alberto Gilardino from Parma. The Italian giants have been heavily associated with a summer swoop but that may no longer be the case. "Their interest seems to have cooled over...
  12. Moggi Want Totti In Turin

    Why don't u start another topic, something like this one: Raul, Ruud van Nisterlooy, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Owen, Henry, Vieira, Nesta, Maldini, Shevcencko and Kaka, all to Juvemerdas ?
  13. Mexes

  14. Mexes

    Finally I found it! A smart juve fan ! Tell me man: why you choiced this dirty club with "negative image" and which is hated by everyone ?
  15. Mexes

    Aaaa...cry ? :cheesy:
  16. Mexes

    But.... I thought :D:cheesy::cheesy::cool: Welcome Mexes and Ferrari ..and later Gilardino. Just look at this defence and cry: Panucci - Mexes- Ferrari - Chivu and now look at yours: Legrotaglie, Zebina.....:cheesy:
  17. Moggi Want Totti In Turin

    You losers! Make we laugh so hard, only stupid topics around here :) :)
  18. Gilardino to Juve

    Agree with u brother :D
  19. Moggi Want Totti In Turin

    Yeah, and I heard that Moggi wants George Michael...fot his bed :) :) :) :) :) Stupid loser....
  20. Official: Glenn aka Zizou thinks that Vieri will be a Juventino again

    And I hope he will sucks as Legrotaglie did. :) :)