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  1. Olymipcs

    Off Topic!! We play soon! Pressure off us coz we not fav now!! Now we relax and play beautiful football! Gil back and ok for match!
  2. Olymipcs

    We not fav now so this wen Italy pay best!! Gil will play! inj not serious! We will play very grand game!!
  3. The Olympic Games: Athens 2004

    No just group game i think!! We still play Brasil! hard team but we beat them!! My highlite so far is ALDO MONTANO!! Fencing champion!!
  4. Olymipcs

    He shouldnt! It be very hard game! We will need perfect proformance to win!! Yet to conced Agentina are!
  5. Olymipcs

    great game! Very exciting! Very hard game argentina! Grand final would of been!!
  6. The Olympic Games: Athens 2004

    we won vollyball game against Holand!! YAY! 25-19 25-21 25-20 We champion!
  7. M.Schumacher

    you see Ferrari win Championship!!
  8. AFL: Australian Rules Football

    Yeah with my dad!! I not sure! Australia has good wether!! Torino have Smog :D ahahah but it still very good here!!
  9. Olymipcs

    I believe they try to close down Gil, Sculli and De Rossi!! We will need run, move more. as you say workrate! I haven seen any game of Mali!!
  10. Olymipcs

    We do well! not worry there!! We are playing best, attractive football! Best there at Olympic! Mali would be problem!
  11. Olymipcs

    Yes! I start it to talk how Italia go in Olympics!
  12. Olymipcs

    Ferrari played well last game!!
  13. Olymipcs

    I watch the Iraq game celebrate i did! AHAHAHAH :D Um. should been penalty! Was big shit if ask me!
  14. Olymipcs

    oh i see!! Thats ok then!!
  15. Olymipcs

    Yeah that him!!:cheesy: Gilardino is in side! U/21 and three seniors!!! Pirlo, Ferrari, Pelizzoli! i dont know chouldn Pelizzoli been there! He not good, Buffon i would payed!!
  16. M.Schumacher

    Yes grand!! I love it!!
  17. AFL: Australian Rules Football

    wen i lived there i supported Perth. I mean Eagles!!
  18. Where are you from??

    Im Italian, Torino boy!! i am!
  19. (Part 2)

    They do no update English very often!! Evey few months!! the Italian is better!! Just get translator cant read!!
  20. Hello

    Yeah used to play for Torino but got kick out because of injury!! Had bad one wen broke my cheek bone, both wrists, arm, 4/5 ribs, fracture thumb! Took me out for season!! then they get rid me! Rivoli is to west of Torino not far!! My dribbling not good either! An ok! i 178cm! :D I stopeed...