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  1. Confused about juve's financial status.

    It was very good... As with all these kind of things there were certain aspects open to interpretation but overal was a very realistic and accurate look at berlus... A Certain Mr Moore could learn alot from watching this ps. Wasnt citizen withdrawn from the norwegian film festival...
  2. Confused about juve's financial status.

    For the 100th time... all this info can be found on the juventus bizz official website... its not so hard to look at the official website now, is it? Agnelli own 62%
  3. Confused about juve's financial status.

    And you'd be right... Italy's richest (in bilions $ (est)) Silvio Berlusconi 10 Leonardo Del Vecchio 6.9 Luciano Benetton & family 4.5 Giorgio Armani 2.2 Agnelli family 2.1 The Agnelli family were once the wealthiest (and most influencial) in italy but with the collapse of...