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  1. conte as team captain

    He amuses himself as 11 years ago, when he came in Turin. Antonio Conte was 22, and came from Lecce dreaming of glory days. Now he's aged 33 and has won a lot of trophies during his career, but the midfielder still wants to work and play. The start of the season hasn't be easy for him because of...
  2. conte as team captain

    That's not necessarily the case! Roma, Man Utd, Arsenal, Barcelona, Deportivo, B. Dortmund, Ajax to name a few?
  3. conte as team captain

    I said one of the best not thé best.
  4. conte as team captain

    And yet he's considered one of the best keepers on this planet :rolleyes: The experts must be blind as we are :shocked: Ohh and btw I don't buy it! ;) :D
  5. conte as team captain

    How long are you going to be mad at him for taking VDS' place? I want to know, so that I'll have an idea when to start taking you seriously!
  6. conte as team captain

    He's young and restless now, so lets just wait a few years and we'll see how he turns out to be :) People can change you know ;)
  7. conte as team captain

    If Conte is in the 1st team then he should be the captain. DP is OK, since he's been with us for a long time now, but I always prefer a defender as a C. Defenders protect our goal and it should be one of them who also protects his team from refs etc. :)