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  1. crazyraptor83

    [SERIE A] JUVENTUS vs Roma (11/01/08)

    I think if we win this game, we are back into the scudetto race.
  2. crazyraptor83

    Maradona is the new coach of Argentina NT

    Superstars become coach.. Van Basten Klinssman Maradona.. Who's next?
  3. crazyraptor83

    Luka Modrić

    Agree and he won't be cheap...
  4. crazyraptor83

    [SERIE A] Napoli - Juventus (18th October, 2008)

    I want to see Ekdal play.. and Giovinco should be in the first eleven against Napoli.
  5. crazyraptor83

    Possible Ranieri replacements?

    What do you guys think about Claudio Gentile or Gianluca Vialli ?
  6. crazyraptor83

    The...I want this player to Juve thread

    DIEGO... One world class defender Bring back Palladino and Criscito..
  7. crazyraptor83

    Possible Ranieri replacements?

    Prandelli is the best option, but I don't see him leaving Fiorentina soon. My choices other than him are Dino Zoff and Guus Hiddink.
  8. crazyraptor83

    Maresca to Fiorentina?

    hahahhahaha..... who knows what kind of plan he has....
  9. crazyraptor83

    Maresca to Fiorentina?

    i believe maresca is a good player but maybe blasi and brighi are better than him... that's why capello let him go...
  10. crazyraptor83

    Panucci to follow Capello?

    i agree with you stuart... btw how old is panucci??
  11. crazyraptor83

    Juve open parma talks!!

    gilardino and bonera will be wonderful players in Juventus... i believe juve will be much better with them next season..
  12. crazyraptor83

    Janko And Nedvec

    Juve must keep Nedved and get Jankulovski, Heinz, and Ibrahimovic...
  13. crazyraptor83

    Capello asks for Joaquin

    i don't think juve will spend a lot of money for one player... it's not impossible to bring cannavaro to turin... but joaquin, i'm not sure..
  14. crazyraptor83

    Davids back at Juve !?

    hey it might happen.. since capello is the juve's new boss.... remember last season... roma wanted him...(capello was the roma's boss)
  15. crazyraptor83

    What do you think of Puyol as a right back?

    puyol is a great player... for me, he is one of the best defender right.....
  16. crazyraptor83

    Moggi you're amazing - Mexes to Juve in the next few days!

    yeah...he was awesome... poor england.... did you guys see zidane's free kick ..???? amazing...... love that game...
  17. crazyraptor83

    Z. Grygera?

    i don't know about him... well i know he is from czech rep... juve wanted him last season...
  18. crazyraptor83

    viduka link with juve

    no way
  19. crazyraptor83

    Brazilians the key

    hey about the brazilians... don't forget about mancini in as roma... he was great last season....
  20. crazyraptor83


    seriously????? ibrahimovic and maxwell???