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  1. Lets play like Arsenal

    You must be a blind girl then. They play well for Juve. Do you live on Venus or somethin.
  2. Why dont we just buy Ronaldo?

    Why dont you guys like me? What did i do to you Ramin?
  3. Lets play like Arsenal

    They are fabiana! You should know to, because you are a juve fan to.
  4. Why dont we just buy Ronaldo?

    I dont know. what does 'sence' mean?
  5. Why dont we just buy Ronaldo?

    Ronaldinho is good. I like him to.
  6. Lets play like Arsenal

    Why can't we play like Aresnal? they play good soocer, and score many goals to. They have Henry and others that do good passes. We should play like them: --------------Buffon------------ Tharam------Montero Camo--Tacchi--Enzo---Nedved----Zambratta --Micili--Trez--Del Piero...
  7. Why dont we just buy Ronaldo?

    Guys, I think this is a good idea. we should buy Ronaldo. He plays good for Real, and they want him to go away. Give them trez, and we get Ronaldo. I thionk its a good deal. He could score more goals for us to.
  8. ¿Hablas Español?

    I need to learn about more spanish. I took some in school.
  9. Juve Buys Trezeguet

    What is wrong with you guys. Why not like Trez? He is a good player who scores goals for Franc e, too.
  10. Nedved for Juve!!!!!

    after Zidane was sold, Juve have bought Nedved to be the playmaker. He came from Lazio. I think he is a good player,m who plays good in the midfield. He reminds me of Marco Etcheverry. He will be good for Juve.
  11. Juve Buys Trezeguet

    But Juve sign Trezeguet, whats wrong? He is good right.
  12. Zidane sold

    Juve has sold Zidane to Real madrid for alot of money. He will play with Raul in the team. I like Real, I think they ar a good team. I think that he will do good there. Who will rplace Zidane?
  13. Juve Buys Trezeguet

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!! juve has bought David Trezeguet from a team in France. I think he is a good stiker, and he could work well with Inzahgi. He will do well for juventus. What do you guyz think of Trezegeut? Will he be good?