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  1. Zlatan to Inter for 24.8m €

    Capello didn't care about Juventus. He cared about making money and getting his career even further. He is just a gloryhunter who has the tallent to coach a team that is worldclass. If i look at Capello, I see a worldclass trainer who wants to get as much as is there to get in the arena of...
  2. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    Can anyone give me a working stream?
  3. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    streams link please!
  4. What's wrong with your country?

    Estonia: I live in Estonia. Most of you don’t know where it is, am I right? Estonia is below Finland, near Scandinavia, neighbors are Russia, Latvia, Finland. We have a nice country, small and with outrageous women – their just so beautiful. Specially all the tourist love Estonian girls...
  5. [CL] Juventus - Liverpool

    Good night dudes! :)
  6. [CL] Real Madrid - Juventus

    Chill, i hate viasat sport.. good why they aren't showing juves game.. other 3 games are comin' live.. **** them, **** real madrid..
  7. [Serie A] Cagliari - Juventus

    Lets play with 3 forwards, soon someone will get injured, then will play with 2, everyone is happy, and you can blame all of them if they can't score..
  8. [Serie A] Cagliari - Juventus

    I'm with you!
  9. [Serie A] Cagliari - Juventus

    Why ****ing Zola? He did what Juve deserved, it's our not his fault that we can't handle the defence.. i would say that **** appiah and juves defence!
  10. [Serie A] Cagliari - Juventus

    You should stop the nonsense! ;)
  11. -what are u currently listenin to?-

    Haiducci - Dragostea Din Tei! ;)
  12. Merged: Post-CL depression and future outlook

    respect. Will fight on. Juventus needs us! :)
  13. Juve & Barca to exchange players

    We don't need strikers. We need a defence. We have 5 forwards. Trezeguet is good.
  14. LA COPPA: Internazionale - Juventus

    Why isn't buffon in goal today... Lippi is sick...:S
  15. LA COPPA: Internazionale - Juventus

    Where is buffon?:S
  16. Back..:P

    Yeah, i am really sorry.. almost forgot about this forum...:) but now i'm back. Quite new but still kickin' the biggest Estonian Juve fan. btw yesterday i was wondering around the city and i stoped in a sportshop citysport, and why i am so happy is that there were lots of new juve stuff. And...
  17. Players worth

    Mart Poom 4 mil euros.
  18. Gunners recruit one of Holland's best talents

    Good player. It's sad to see that this kind of a talent goes to Arse! :P Silly..
  19. The selected players for the pre-season retreat

    From the 28th of July, 28 players will be at Marcello Lippi’s orders for the pre-season retreat in Chatillon. The only players missing will be Stephen Appiah, who will join the group on the 22th of July, and Lilian Thuram, who will meet the group in the United States, on the 3rd of August. Also...