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  1. Champions League Group

    Juve has Bayern Munchen, Club Brugge and Rapid Vienna.
  2. Where to sit in the Stadium

    Curva Scirea - Secondo Anello
  3. Many (was: No more) games on RAI!!!

    RAI International is showing Serie A. ESPN International is showing Serie A as well.
  4. Abbiati to Juve

    Italian newspapers are today reporting that Juve have signed Christian Abbiati from Milan on loan for one season. He was offered to Juve by Berlusconi because of Buffon's injury. Milan felt bad that Buffon was injured from a challenge from Kaka' in a friendly at thier home ground. Juve...
  5. Curva Scirea and Curva Nord

    I think it was Irriducibili Curva Nord that criticised Lippi. Everyone criticised Ancelotti and rightly so. "UN MAIALE NON PUO ALLENARE"
  6. Here Are Juve Enemies And Why They Are

  7. Curva Scirea and Curva Nord

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Juve Ultras for next season after Black & White Fighters got into some trouble. Go to the link to read the article and if anyone has any further information about this topic please post it on the forum.
  8. Watch MILAN v JUVE - LIVE - May 2005
  9. Watch MILAN v JUVE - LIVE - May 2005
  10. Watch MILAN v JUVE - LIVE - MAY 2005
  11. Adrian Mutu to Juve?

    The London based newspaper, The Daily Mirror, is reporting that Juve and Chelsea are in talks regarding a possible move to Juve for Adrian Mutu. It is no secret that we have been interested in Mutu for a few years. I would rather get Gilardino.
  12. Ferrari should sponsor Juve

    It is not a bull - that is torino's symbol. It is a Stallion or Zebra - it changes.
  13. Totti banned for 3 matches

    This is brillaint. UEFA is to hand down its decision at around 10-10:30am Thursday morning Portugal time. I do not understand why the Italian Media think this is a bad thing. Totti is one of the most over-rated players going around. I also do not understand why every player (except...
  14. Trezeguet signs new contract!!!!!!

    We still require another striker. Kapo will be loaned to Monaco. We should get Gilardino. Vieri will stay at Inter with Mancini set to be the coach. I will not be surprised if Di Vaio is used in exchange to get Cannavaro to Juve. If this occurs we will need two more strikers.
  15. Juventus launch new 'Mondo Juve' complex

    Along with the re-development of Delle Alpi, Mondo Juve will be situated in Torino. It will have all of Juve's training facilities (fields, gyms, academy etc.......), club offices, club house etc...... It will also include a shopping and commercial complex, Cinema complex, hotel and some other...
  16. Official: Glenn aka Zizou thinks that Vieri will be a Juventino again

    I have been told that Vieri has alrady signed with Juve and that his denial is alot of crap.
  17. Official: Glenn aka Zizou thinks that Vieri will be a Juventino again

    Fliakis: It is true about him talking to Real Madrid. I have been told by a friend who works with some of Vieri's good friends here in Sydney
  18. Official: Glenn aka Zizou thinks that Vieri will be a Juventino again

    It is true that Vieri is in discussions with Juve but he is also talking to Real Madrid. I hope he goes to Real Madrid.
  19. Official: Glenn aka Zizou thinks that Vieri will be a Juventino again

    Hey Zizou if you know so much are you able to tell us who else we are purchasing? As far as I am concerned the purchase of Vieri is a waste of time and money. He is old, over-rated and always injured. We should be purchasing young players like Zlatan and Gilardino.
  20. What suprises does Moggi still have ?

    This is who we should be purchasing: Defence: Bonera, Ferrari, Oddo and Mexes (and possibly one more defender) Midfield: Emerson, Fiore, Blasi and Brighi (We alrady own Blasi and Brighi and I understand that they are coming back to Juve for this season) Strikers: Gilardino and Zlatan...