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  1. Dhaliwich

    [Serie A] Juventus 3-0 Bari, April 25th, 2010

    I don't get why we keep using 4-3-1-2. It requires too much of our backs, which i think is our weakest link. 4-5-1 is more suited. Strech out the play a little, and let the ball do a little work for us in midfield. Limit the gab to our forwards, which Diego can't fill, however good his tricks...
  2. Dhaliwich

    5 Players you want Gone!

    I don't get why so many people want Cannavaro out. For a guy his age, with the number of games he has had to play this season, he has been good. To have him around the training ground, or on the bench next season wouldn't be bad at all. If you want young players to play and think like a world...
  3. Dhaliwich

    [Serie A] Pukebuckets 2-0 The Lost Boys April 16th, 2010

    2-1 Juve. Inter are finally breaking down, they will be tired from Fiorentina game too. Let's give Ranieri the title he never got.
  4. Dhaliwich

    [Europa League] JUVENTUS 3-1 Fulham (Mar. 11th 2010)

    3-0 to Juve. This is Fullham, not Chelsea we are playing... Fullham might score a goal in England, but not in Turin. Our defense has not been great this year, but I think it will be enough to keep them from scoring or creating anything. Fullham might have beating Shaktar, but they only scored...
  5. Dhaliwich

    Christian Poulsen

    Not sure if it's been showed before, but in any case always worth a second look.
  6. Dhaliwich

    The truth about Beijing Olympics

    Very interesting stuff. But as for today it is my understanding that should Tibet become a "free nation" tomorrow, it would not benefit the majority of people there. From what I have read and heard Tibet is (maybe not by choice) very dependent on China. It would very quickly become on of the...
  7. Dhaliwich

    The truth about Beijing Olympics

    I moved to China 3 months ago, and having lived on "both sides" have really put things into perspective for me. In all honesty I get angry when I read CNN or danish news channels. The hypocrisy is really obvious once you know both sides of something. I'm going to write something most people here...
  8. Dhaliwich

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    I agree with Lippi, Del Piero is Juventus. People talk about how Juve benched Baggio for Del Piero back in the days, but I don't really see who in our current squad has the level to justify a similar treatment of Alex. Certainly not Ianquinta and Paladino. Alex still has a lot to give to this...
  9. Dhaliwich

    Pessotto Rushed To Hospital!!! Pessotto out of danger

    Cade nel vuoto, grave Pessotto Il nuovo team manager è precipitato dalla sede della Juventus, a Torino. È stato trasportato all'ospedale Molinette: fratture multiple, non è in pericolo di vita TORINO, 27 giugno 2006 - L'ex giocatore e ora dirigente (nuovo team manager) della Juventus...
  10. Dhaliwich

    Cartoon anger is a misrepresentation

    Oh I apologise! A newspaper couldn't misinterpate something! Cause.... that never happened before... *yeah right* And for the record I read what the queen wrote, and what that newspaper wrote is a far from the truth as you can get! The queen is viewed by most muslims as one of the only danish...
  11. Dhaliwich

    Cartoon anger is a misrepresentation

    Dude, that's just not true... Check your sources before you post something! What our queen said, was that we should find a way to oppose the NEGATIVE sides of islam, not that crap you just posted. And please don't insult the queen, she is a representation of the people of Denmark, not the...
  12. Dhaliwich

    Cartoon anger is a misrepresentation

    Actually Denmark is not really dependent on oil from the middleeast. We have oil and gas ourselves, the rest we buy from Norway. And the export we have in the area, totals to about 1% so the economical aspects are blown out of proportion. The danish govournment will never apologise on behalf...
  13. Dhaliwich

    Moment of Clarity 1.2

    I don't want to scan the newspaper with the pictures, but I think the most offensive one, was Muhammed the profet depicted as an arab man with a turban, which had a bomb wrapped around it, like the suicide bombs you sometimes see.
  14. Dhaliwich

    Moment of Clarity 1.2

    I'd say it's pretty important. As far as I know, it has the most subscribers and is (was) widely recognised as realiable, as far as newspapers go anyways.
  15. Dhaliwich

    Moment of Clarity 1.2

    I think it's a book she wrote about something else, where she said something about religion, concerning Denmark's problems with integrating muslims into our culture. But I have not read it, so I don't have an opinion about that. As to the newspaper, I strongly resented the pictures of...
  16. Dhaliwich

    Moment of Clarity 1.2

    I hope I don't regret this later, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I'm danish hambon.
  17. Dhaliwich

    Hypocritical, anonymous silence about doping and fixed games

    Yes 2-2 was an odd result. And yes there is some prejudice towards italians in Denmark, especially after the Totti-Poulsen incident... But it was not a fixed game between Sweden and Denmark. What I persionally think is closer to the truth, in this matter, is that italian football fans tend to...
  18. Dhaliwich

    Smug Players

    It said Arsenal arab...
  19. Dhaliwich

    Smug Players

    There was a big arsenal sign in the top corner.