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  1. Geof

    Barca against AIDS

    have you seen the match? excuse my ignorance, but who is Ostlund? Where does he play? as for Wilhelmsson, I agree, hes good. But he needs to leave Anderlecht if he wants to higher up his level.
  2. Geof

    Barca against AIDS FC BARCELONA, 4 WORLD ALL-STARS, 3 FC BARCELONA: Valdés (Rubén, min.46), Damiá (Belletti, min.46), Puyol (Oleguer, min.46), Navarro (Mora, min.71), Van Bronckhorst (Peña, min.46), Fragoso (Márquez, min.46), Deco (Xavi, min.46), Iniesta (Verdú, min.46), Giuly (Messi...
  3. Geof

    Barca against AIDS

    Tonight in Nou Camp, Barca will meet an all-stars team coached by Johann Cruyff. Rijkaard promised to play as much first teamers as possible, while Cruyff called a very international side, with some great stars. I don't expect great football (won't watch the match dunno where it's...