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  1. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    I agree with most of what u said.especially the part that Cappelo has a major role of this i said before, milan was pressing us from our defence area.while when milan atacks we waited them and defended till they got close to our penalty area.we played very cowardly. don't blame...
  2. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

  3. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    Did he say all these in this thread? :D
  4. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    I am relaxed
  5. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    Man I'm tired of your crap.If u have something to say put it in one's annoying to see 10 posts of you in one page.. and if u want to chat with other members there is something called MSn/yahoo..
  6. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    If the player didn't play for any other Cl team this season,he can play for us for the knockout-stages.that means jankulovski can play against real if we sign him
  7. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    I admit,we are lucky to end up with a draw in this match.but it was an open match milan couldn't score because our HUGE defense.and juventus couldn't make a chanse to score because of lack of creativty in our team and because of capello's tactics. This is the first time i blame capello and...
  8. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    second half started. FORZA JUVEEEE
  9. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    go and see the match how is running all the time helping defence and atack.yes he is giving bad passes etc. he like zambo didn't stop running the whole game. and stop barking that I am a blind asshole
  10. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    I can't stand this Del piero.he is killing the game very slow. Great performace from cannavaro - camoranesi - emerson btw
  11. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    Mr.Genius? tnx I guess:confused: BTW u don't have to be genius to realize this things i suppose. haven't seen 2 games??so whoever disagrees with u r blinds?or doesn't know anything?I guess platini and van basten are "genius" like me.eurosport is a stupid site am sure they didn't see any game...
  12. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    man we fvcked teams like bayern munich and ajax home and away, kicked roma's and lazio's ass. draw away to Inter.leading serie A with 4 points. had the best result in CL so far. the whole fvckin europe scared from us. recieved praises from platini van basten and others.and u still do this:groan...