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  1. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID?! thats what ancellotti said. read the quote again you idiot.
  2. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    wrong. seedorf is just as good defensively as he is offensively. he showed that tonight. pirlo can also tackle. something which olivera cannot do. nevermind how you expect them to displace camoranesi and blasi, or even tachinardi.
  3. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    its not nice to come up with shitty formations. respond to what i said about your formations.
  4. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    LISTEN. VERY CAREFULLY. olivera, an attacking midfielder, emerson, a defensive midfielder, and kapo, an attacking midfielder/forward, CANNOT PLAY IN A 3 MAN MIDFIELD. tudor and montero WILL NOT be regular starters by the end of the season. your formations = shitty.
  5. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    :rofl: another idiot. ok, so i would be exaggerating if i said we managed to string at least 2 passes together once tonight, so i would be exaggerating if i said that zlatan on at least one occasion did not lose the ball. i swear, some of you are just straight up STUPID. no other...
  6. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    what the hell are you blabbing on about? you havent at all responded to what i said about your shitty formations. speak!
  7. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    :rofl: dont exaggerate it doesnt help your case vinnyman.
  8. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    first of all, your shitty formations are going nowhere. take it to a formations thread or soemthing. plus, you need to post reality, not your fantasies of a juve line-up. olivera, emerson and kapo cannot play in a three man midfield. use some common sense. tudor/montero are not going to be...
  9. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    good result. buffon 5 - didnt have much to do actually. that punch out wasnt good, but he only came so far out ebcause thuram was wide on the left trying to block the crosser. zebina - 4.5 poor game compared to his recent performances. did get up much, so camo was fairly isolated. made...