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  1. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    the team who needs luck is the team who needs 4 more points biatch:blah: whaha:rofl: and ow yeh.. beware of Juve AFTER the winterbreak cause when we get our form back Milan is shit and they know it.. it does not happen often that Milan has a chance against Juve you know:rofl:
  2. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    relax snoop dogg:D
  3. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    hahah your funny.. i know Zlatan from ajax and i watched him play and the one that noticed me is that he has major skills but the word "teamwork" he does not understand.. and with Ajax he was the star because he was the best.. but now he is at the Big Juventus so he should play more as a team...
  4. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    ow and you don;t think Alex wants to win? and you don't think Alex doesn't give 100 procent? :D
  5. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    yeh well we can write a book about what he is doing great and we see that he is not always playing as he should but i just feel that the respect for him is not there with the haters..and thats sad because he was the one who started our revolution with Lippi in 1995/1996
  6. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    as far as i cam remember he had a major injury and he scores a goal in the semifinal against madrid and he was the leader of the team with Nedved thats just 2 years ago not 10.. and another thing now Juve has a bit less form everyone starts pissing on DP again.. they loose and win with all 22...
  7. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    i also think that for people with low brain thinking it's easyer to blaim than to stay in the game even when it get's tough:devil:
  8. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    Amen again! and really the last 3 sentinces SHOUL BE READ BY EVERYONE!:cool:
  9. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    i agree especially vicente would be usefull but still it sounds nonsense to buy any spanish or other foreign players.. yeh sure if we want we can buy half of Europe but we'le keep it Juve style and we will come back i promise:D.. but does Capello?:confused:
  10. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    fine thankx.. yeh i forgot about the forum because of school and stuff but i'm back again once in a while..:D how are ya?
  11. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    we don't need no spanish bastards:D
  12. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    we never played with only three defenders who does these days? :confused::dontcare:
  13. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    he's ugly and spoiled.. he is a first class leader of nonsense.. he is Burke :boxing:haha
  14. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    thats the shit im wanne hear goddamn i want everyone to say thissssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:boxing:
  15. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    first of all biatch.. we have the BEST defence in the world.. second: our form and attack has still a lot of months to improve.. third: we win even when we play shit.. so who can you be pissed off? meaybe cause some Juventini got spoiled over the years..:yuck:
  16. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    here someone with clear thinking:D
  17. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    if we had no chance why milan did not won? hahahaha Juve misses there form i can see that but still we manage to maintain our 4 points leade.. why don't i hear you say that bytch
  18. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    well well first time in history that Milan had a chance against Juve whahaha
  19. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    If you worrie about the transfer policy of an other team (Real) than you are not convinced of what Juve can do.. remember the season when Juve lost the final against Milan? that season we were favorites all the time but we still lost and Milan with the 1-0 football won the cup.. maybe we need...
  20. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    are we blaiming eachother again? damnit stop it alright we are all juventini and Capello just has a more defensive tactic plan than our hero Lippi.. we have to accept that.. and maybe with this 1-0 football of Juve we will win the final for once.. it will be alright and we'le sure beat real and...