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  1. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    hey man how about changeing your sig now;)Just kidding mate:)
  2. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    Guys and I think a lot off you are over reacting about Zlatan and some other players on the Juve team.Its not my thing to tell you but I think its wrong to bash a player after a bad game.Come on!Before the game everybody was like:Zlatan is the best,he has out played Nesta,Zlatan this,Zlatan...
  3. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    Ok guys my 2cents:well I'm very happy with Milan performance!they totally out classed and out played Juve!I was very dissapointed with Juve's performance and I bet that also Juve's players were disapointed by their team.Biggest dissapointments for Juve were clearly ,Del...
  4. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    hello felow Milanista!:)I did not know that I have a milan fan friend here!:)
  5. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    well guys there are 5 hours untill the game and just wanted to tell you that I hope it will be a fair and great game and let the best team win!see ya tomorow with the coments!!!
  6. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    Ok man;)
  7. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    NO are you?
  8. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    Well its obvious that he can't:D
  9. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    Oh,man you are so pathetic!!!I thought about replying but you probably would not understand.From this statement we can all see that you are a moron and an ass.Keep it up!Its amuzing to hear some one with a brain that has not evolved enought !!!! :D
  10. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan del piero is not starting?
  11. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    now you went to far gys:D
  12. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    guys stop it with the pics:) I just can't wait for the game and you guys with the pics are not helping me at all:)
  13. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    well Juve are in a better position cos' if we draw there will still be the 4 pt difference.To be honest i would also be happy with a draw!:)
  14. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    he,he,he,he!jeeks can't read!!!:DSo now its all clear to me about your posts!!:LOL:
  15. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    my femail friend is going there so maybe you can meet her!:)Belive me she's hot;)
  16. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    Man Trap has lost his touch!!!!Look at him at Benfica now.They got eliminated from the qualifications from the Cl and they have a strong squad.Maybe he was a good coach but like I say I don't like him.Even if you look when he was in Bayern the biggest succes Bayern had after he left and...
  17. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    I'm not ignoring the question!I'm ignoring you:)
  18. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    Man that is my opinion and I'm sure a lot of other guys share it.I told you I don't like him.That is it.I would not want him to coach Milan!Yeah Italy had a great world cup and a great euro with his quidence:rolleyes:I don't know why is so interesting for you to constantly quote me?:) Do you...
  19. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan

    well man Capello is really special.Milan had their best years with him but also Carlo is doing a good job with the team.well very few coaches can achive what Capelo achived.About Trap in my eyes he was never a good coach and i don't like him at all.He is too much conservative!Remember how italy...
  20. [Serie A] Juventus - Milan