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  1. Under - 24 Dream Team

    Im sorry evelyn.... but this thread is all about oppinions, I asked who would make up your ideal team... there was no criteria.... no onme said they had to be the best or anything else jus your choice!!!! Aimar / Roman... im not going to argue about, as its pointless you will never...
  2. Under - 24 Dream Team

    ooh.... must be nice to be 6 years old again!! When exactly have i ever said I know anything about football!! Quite the contrary..... compared to most people I know I would say I know very little. But then unlike you.. I only discuss players I have watched over an extended period. You...
  3. Under - 24 Dream Team

    What are you evelyn's mother!!! My reply was direct to evelyn and as such none of your business.... so please , mind your own!!
  4. Under - 24 Dream Team

    Evelyn, WTF is your problem.... its called opinions!!!! Mine says Roman is better than aimar, yours says differently..... so ****ing what!!! Get over it!!! What exactly made you the all knowing expert!!! Your not.... its jus your opinion , that doesnt mean its correct, jus what you...
  5. Under - 24 Dream Team

    Maybe, but rochemback has something i like!
  6. Under - 24 Dream Team

    Well the only times chivu has really impressed me has been on the left.... Ive seen every game of cavenaghi's for river, plus every game saviola played for river plus every barça game this year and many last season and IMO cavenaghi is a far superior player!!!.... each to his own!!
  7. Under - 24 Dream Team

    Who would make up your ideal 20 man under 24 squad?? -------------Casillas--------------------- --Puyol----Mexes-----Hofland----Chivu----- --------------Rochemback------------------ ---Joaquin------------------------Vicente- -----------------Roman--------------------...