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  1. 27th Scudetto Flash Presentation

    Molto bene! Che bravo!
  2. New Official Song!

    I knew about big love between Eros and La Vecchia Signora. I hope new offical song will be nice, elegant and very individual in Juvenus style. "Tu sei la squadra del cuore..." nice too.
  3. Your Juventus 2003/2004 Jersey

    Juventus looks forwars, Giraudo signed the contract with Nike looking for the comercial side. Our contract with Nike was signed more than for 10 years and the kit will change every year. So i don`t panic.
  4. some news about the NIKE jersey!

    The home kit is not a simpatic. I prefer this season`s t-shirt of Lotto. It was great, especially Gigi`s. Pink? It is good only for reserve variant of the kit. The onliest possitive side of Nike`s kit of Juve: it is more comfortable to something of Nike in Moscow than Lotto. Let`s see how...
  5. What about the Delle Alpi?

    Zizou wrote: I'm sure they know what they're doing. I am absolutely agree with Juve. Giraudo and co. knows what they are going to built and i have no doubts that the new arena will be a sucsessfull place for all Juve`s fans.
  6. Nike kits Shown (Part II)

    The contract with Nike signed for 14 year. As for me i dislike new variant of Juve`s kit. Our Lotto`s kit of this year was more simpatic and elegant. This Nile`s model of home t-shirt have many teams: Inter, Barcelona etc. And now we will look like them. I dont want Juve to drop it`s individual...
  7. Is that day coming ???

    Who knows...Miccolli is a very tallanted player. Also here is very young. All depends on Del Piero`s conditions.
  8. Juventino's Expectation.

    Of cource Juventus will get the third star on our chest! It was the biggest desire of Giovanni Agnelli`s.