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  1. desireless

    Juve prepare Ajax clean-up

    get sneijder and trabelsi
  2. desireless

    delpiero leaving?

    My mistake then, I didn't remember him making a harsh threat to leave the club
  3. desireless

    Capello Targets Perea

    How is his zonal marking? If he is that good it will be a good addition for sure
  4. desireless

    delpiero leaving?

    Him making a threat, I just never see it coming...
  5. desireless

    delpiero leaving?

    There is a possibility that this is a media scam, been surfing around can't find one in italian though..
  6. desireless

    delpiero leaving?

    posted in if I am not wrong... The headline news
  7. desireless

    why juve will go red...

    Hehe since Pool won the match using the magic red jersey....... :D :D :D :D Is this true?
  8. desireless

    Stephen Appiah

    I never say no to selling appiah :) , just hope that Juve would give him more chance. Anyway lately a lot of non-eu players been struggling in Juve :down: I am afraid pizzaro will have the same twist of tale. No offense though, he is definitely pure class, and great if we can have him in...
  9. desireless

    Stephen Appiah

    Agree on that codino, I just hope Juventus still keen on keeping him next season instead of releasing him to boro
  10. desireless

    Juventuz IRC Channel

    Can we use JWIRC to connect to MIRC? If I am not wrong JWIRC can be easily linked with PHPbb, in which I guess that this forum is build from. If we can link this it will be better since most ppl will have problem connecting to MIRC due to firewall issue. :)
  11. desireless

    Stephen Appiah

    Oww come on aren't we a bit too hard on blasi. He was good in the beginning of the season. If you want to find a true young DM in our mids its got to be him. Well for appiah, his passing is not his best skill. But his dribbling and the ablitiy to show up as a support for the attacking is...
  12. desireless

    Edu has Juventus option

    Get edu, exchange him directly with baraja :D nice :D
  13. desireless


    I hope erkka is not mad at me because of this... for those who want to know information about Juve Ultras.... There are some anthem, songs, and others all thanks and credits to DANILO PAPARAZZO. :D
  14. desireless


    Amazingly there are some rumors that Volpato is going to be included in prima squdra... any news about this (isha)? :D
  15. desireless


    Thanks Erkka for the news, good to have one of the ultras back. But I am wondering whether all the ultras are ready for the new stadium? Any news about this... Good God we need those guys to start singing Forza Juve throughout the match again.....
  16. desireless

    Juventus Zodiac in Chinese Horoscope

    LOL sorry about the date, yeah it is 1897.
  17. desireless

    Juventus Zodiac in Chinese Horoscope

    Well... Chinese new year has just passed, and I had nothing to do. So I calculated and check which sign does Juventus belongs to. And since Juve was born in 1987, the sign is rooster. :D :D :D btw I am not sure whether I am posting at the right place, so moderators please move it if...
  18. desireless

    Nedved: Czech Republic Player of the year 2004

    Yeah... and more pressure from mori as well. Maybe we can buy him at a cheap price next season :D
  19. desireless

    Juve interested in Barzagli(official)

    Miccoli or DP ? :D
  20. desireless

    Youthful Juve make history !

    Ahh... the journalists, the magician of unknown rumours :D