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  1. Zainah

    Answer a question with a question.

    Yeeeeeess Exactly got it!
  2. Zainah

    Who will win euro 2004

    I think Italy or Holland will win the Euro 2004:rolleyes:
  3. Zainah

    Amr Diab Suffers a Second Heart-Attack

    I feel sorry for him:(
  4. Zainah

    Answer a question with a question.

    I think the title explain the game!! Let's play: How old are you?
  5. Zainah

    Which of these is good enough to start for Juve?

    Legrottaglie :touched:
  6. Zainah

    Do you think Davids will stay at Juve next season?

    I think He'll leave on a free transfer :down:
  7. Zainah

    Del Piero In the UAE

  8. Zainah

    Want to know

    The Dentist :fero:
  9. Zainah

    Choose a Member

    Ummmmmmmmmm:rolleyes: .. This idea came up on my mind yesterday … And I’d like share it with you :D It is like a game… You have to choose one of the members then you have to ask him/her a question… any question that you would like to know about… I’ll begin I’m going to choose dj juve...
  10. Zainah

    new member !!!

    Welcome.... Hope u will enjoy your time..:)
  11. Zainah

    Players Lookalikes

    :LOL: Cool thread
  12. Zainah

    Del Piero In the UAE

    Nice pictures Tariq.. I wish I was in your place :fero:
  13. Zainah

    Check your personality

    I think it is wronge :D
  14. Zainah

    You're favorite drink

    Coffee ---->> can't live without it ;)
  15. Zainah

    :: New wallpapers...juve stars.. ::

  16. Zainah

    Del Piero In the UAE

    For sure because all the famous people choose (Burj Al Arab) ;) Damn !! I didn't know that he was in Dubai... I knew just after he had travelled to Italy .... BUT.. he will return back!!
  17. Zainah

    Del Piero In the UAE

    This Monday (Gattuso) was in the UAE for an interview live in Abu Dhabi Sport Channel... One of the audience called and asked about Delpiero's interview and the announcer said as soon as Alex make sure he is going to come TO the UAE they gonna declare it...:)
  18. Zainah

    stop Criticizing our players

    We must criticize the players if they weren't in their levels but not in way that may hurt them...:) But honestly Zalayta DESERVED it..;)
  19. Zainah

    Top 5ive

    Buffon Nedved Del Piero Davids Zambrotta
  20. Zainah

    Hello from Jakarta

    Welcome ;)