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  1. Carlo Ancelotti

    Is this reply for this thread ? someone seemz sleepy :D But since you opened the Totti subject, I'd say come on, in Euro2000 he was Italy's main man.. dont let me open other files :p what did Del Piero do with Italy ? :p great WC98, great Euro2000.. Till now I cant forget the misses he had vs...
  2. Carlo Ancelotti

    And will never win..
  3. Carlo Ancelotti

    No Martin, the one who won the UEFA Cup with Parma was Alberto Malesani, that season he also won the Coppa Italia as well.. Cuper isnt my subject, but onething, he never had such a squad like the one Carlo's having.. Yes Payman's records, 14 pts are very true, May I add another piece of...
  4. Carlo Ancelotti

    Well, it will be interesting to see XT's face next month ;) man this guy just simpley cant win, he have no history in winning, to make things even worse, he enjoys losing in the last days.. He destroyed Del Piero, luckily enough for you, Lippi trusted your magician.. Now it's Shevchenko &...
  5. Juve Risk Losing Camoranesi

    LOL :D
  6. Carlo Ancelotti

    Well, thought about this thread, in the very near past, this criminal was your manager, but bcuz God loves you, Moggi sakced him.. After that you began to win again.. while, on the other side, what was called the Mighty Milan, began to be a piece of sh!t again.. We at
  7. Your Italy

    Ah forgot Bonera, he's playing as a RB with Parma & he's doing well, though I think he's better as a CB..
  8. How do you think Juve will end the season?

    Scudetto + CL Semi finals.. Though I hope you reach the CL final & win it unless it was you will face Milan..
  9. Your Italy

    IMO Ambrosini is up to that job you mentionted, also Pirlo have a good experience now as a defensive midfielder, you cant drop Pirlo after his brilliant form in this position with Milan, Pirlo with either Ambrosini or Tacchinardi IMO, for me I prefer Ambro but only if he gets more time on the...
  10. Your Italy

    Buffon Zaccardo Cannavaro Nesta Zambrotta Pirlo Ambrosini Camoranesi Totti Delvicchio Vieri With Toldo, Panucci, Legro.., CZanetti, Gatusso, Tacchinardi, Miccoli, Del Piero, Pippo Inzaghi, Cassano.. pherhaps Montella only if he hits form again..
  11. Newcastle vs Juventus

    Not to forget, he have got the best squad on earth, anyone would do well
  12. Newcastle vs Juventus

    Martin, Ancelotti changed..he was too dumb till last he changed :D
  13. Juventus - Udinese

    Salas should be given a chance, he've got da class & potential..
  14. Newcastle vs Juventus

    BTW guyz, wish u best of luck next week :)
  15. Newcastle vs Juventus

    No way Martin :D , Juve at home are good, away in Europe the record is bad !
  16. What's in your opinion a club team that played the best soccer

    Fiorentina of TERIM's 4-0 win over Milan.. Terim's GS, Fiorentina & Milan all played the best football no doubt :D Now watch out GS again..
  17. AC Milan Clinch Rivaldo's Services

    Well u know last season under Terim Milan was good, Carlo came ruined everything.. but now letz hope it will be different :D let the best team win (for sure Milan will) :D Nighty night honey :D
  18. Zizou

    Well could be, but the others am sure ;)
  19. AC Milan Clinch Rivaldo's Services

    BTW Martin honey bed time, isnt it ? :D
  20. AC Milan Clinch Rivaldo's Services

    Huh u mean da bashing on Carletto i used to do ? :D u know man even Will Smith can win titles with da current Milan squad & to be honest, in da last 3-4 Serie A matches last season Carlo finally after 5 yrs begun to learn :D so beware Martin, Carlo will do it this time :D ( i hope but i think...