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  1. [Serie A] Juventus - Udinese

    good post Denco:thumb:
  2. [Serie A] Lecce - Juventus

    Great save again by Buffon
  3. [Serie A] Lecce - Juventus

    Look like it stops raining now!
  4. [Serie A] Lecce - Juventus

    I wonder if the match can go on til the end. It's raining so hard. I watch the match on TV and I can even hear the sound of raining.
  5. [Serie A] Brescia - Juventus

    Romo ....goal!! by Montella
  6. How can DP be made scapegoat?

    As one of his supporters for many years, I wish he decided to retire from the NT now. What's the use of staying there. He is not good enough or useful to the NT anymore and is always a No. 1 attacking target. Let the new talents do the job.
  7. Euro 2004: Italy - Bulgaria (group C)

    Why everyone's so sure that beating Bulgaria ia an easy job. If Ladvia could stop Germany why can't Bugaria burry Italy.
  8. Jonathan Zebina the new signing!!!

    Think about it this way & u guys would feel more relaxed. When we bought Legro last season, everyone highly believed in him.... HE TURNED SUCK !! This season we buy Zebena and everyone already belives that he's suck...... HE MIGHT TURN TO BE THE BEST DEFENDER OF NEXT SEASON SERIE A.
  9. At the stadium, at home, or at a bar?

    I love watching it at home with a can of beer in my left hand and a remote control in my right always ready to switch to other matches on other channels. There are always 3-4 matches at the same time. I went to bar with friends sometimes. The atmostphere is good.
  10. SERIE A: Juventus - Sampdoria

    Buffon, Zambrotta and DP should be benched....there's no need to risk them injurried for nothing especially when Euro'04 is approaching. Miccoli, Marasca and Di Vaio must play the last 2 games to convince Trap that they deserve a ticket to portugal.
  11. Pavel

    I like this thread!!! It's entertaining!!! Keep going guys.....
  12. Who is better - Henry or Del Piero

    Why do some ppl here always accuse dp's fan of being blind. I'm dp's fan and i'm so sure that my eyes can see things very clearly. Of course i realize that such players like Totti, Henri or even cassano are better than dp of this season. But it's so annoying that some ppl can't accept the...
  13. SERIE A: Perugia - Juventus

    After this match, all the players including Moggi and Lippi will be sent to concentration camp.
  14. SERIE A: Juventus - Lecce

    So!!!! Finally we get the 2nd place....
  15. SERIE A: Juventus - Lecce

    sack Moggi!!
  16. SERIE A: Juventus - Lecce

    It's over for us this season. Bye 2nd place! next season our problems will be solved.
  17. SERIE A: Juventus - Lecce

    2 goals are 2 difficult to get with only few mins left. But just hope anyway.
  18. SERIE A: Juventus - Lecce

    Watch out!! it's gonna be 2-5 soon.
  19. I am really pissed off !!!

    ok... replace him with climenti then.
  20. I am really pissed off !!!

    As a juve player, DP is not different from Nedved, Montero, Buffon, Di vaio, etc. He should be criticized like others were, if he performs poorly. So…those who claim that you r a true juve fan, stop treating him like he is God. But as one of the club’s legends who has contributed a lot...