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  1. Christian j

    Alberto Gilardino

    so after this i think moggi must change his plan
  2. Christian j

    Juve so far!!!

    so after all who much we steel have to buy
  3. Christian j

    milan up juve down

    now Marek Jankulovski is milan player now with marek milan will the best and for now moggi do nothing for this i think it will bad season next year moggi must do some thing to put juve on top next year juve need more champions player to win title like champion
  4. Christian j

    Start a revolution!

  5. Christian j

    Start a revolution!

  6. Christian j

    what about tacchi for riquelme

    i think we must wait to the summer to see what moggi will do but juve must take some thing this season and rosicky and riquleme for juve
  7. Christian j

    Juve want Fiore

    i prefer maresca back than fiore
  8. Christian j

    'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    forza juve but what about cannavaro
  9. Christian j

    [merged] Cannavaro

    ok lits say that cannavaro is ok but janko if we done do some thing will go to mosco
  10. Christian j

    [merged] Cannavaro

    ok guys inter wave goodbye to cannavaro now and its done it will be officialy in hours i hear it in cnn
  11. Christian j

    At last a show of class

    cannavaro and janko thats enough to ass
  12. Christian j

    [merged] Cannavaro

    wait guys wait just wait
  13. Christian j

    whats happening with cambell??

    to me cannavaro bettar than campell
  14. Christian j

    [merged] Cannavaro

    cannavaro to day and janko tomorrow and we dont have any problems at all
  15. Christian j

    [merged] Cannavaro

    Cannavaro-Carini Swap In The Pipes 8/27/2004 3:32:00 PM Fabio Cannavaro's playing days at Inter seem numbered as the nerazzurri and Juventus are preparing a swap deal. The bianconeri, who are desperately looking for a strong defender to bolster their rear-guard, are ready to offer young...
  16. Christian j

    moggi must save juve a.s.s

    ok so evey one watch the euro draw and juve will play with bayren munich ajax and Maccabi tel aviv we steel hav6-7 days to transfer window will close and with this squad bayren and ajax will kick juve a.s.s moggi must do more super moves to juve to bit them and the time running and...
  17. Christian j

    [merged] Cannavaro

    thats good we will give juve the time to find new defender but the problem antel now he did not sign to juve when that will happen we steel have 5 days to transfer windows will close we dont have time
  18. Christian j

    One on One with the MAN (Moggi)

    hehehe janko janko janko forza janko and cannavaro too
  19. Christian j

    Good news from bettiga

    i cant wait to tomorrow to see the new players come one after one day after day hehe
  20. Christian j

    If we will qualify for the CL, we will sign Oddo and Jankulovski

    ok thats good but we need cannavaro to we need a leader for juve defence line