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  1. jaansu

    Official Azzurri WC2010 Thread

    He's also from Cork like some other troublemakers - R Keane and Cork hurlers (he says hoping there are no Cork posters here). Actually the bloke getting me these tickets for tonights game is from Cork so they are not all bad.
  2. jaansu

    Official Azzurri WC2010 Thread

    Will be in the Davin Stand myself cheering Ireland and Trap, hopefully all the way to South Africa. Am somewhat puzzeled at the continued ommision of Andy Reid myself, but I haven't got a clue about formations or the like. As for Stephen Ireland, I can't understand why he doesn't want to...
  3. jaansu

    Official Azzurri WC2010 Thread

    One of the reasons why I think this is a fantastic result is that we played this game without Duff and McGeady (both injured) who are our two best attacking players.
  4. jaansu

    Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    A mate of mine teaches english to the non-english speaking members of the Liverpool squad, and he is quite successful with it so far, so I wouldn't worry about whether he speaks English or not.
  5. jaansu

    Liverpool Fc Fans!!

  6. jaansu

    Moggi still making a lot of sense

    Luciano Moggi has launched a scathing attack on Inter after their sluggish performance against Liverpool. “It’s 2002 all over again.” The Nerazzurri are 11 points clear at the top of Serie A, but seemed out of sorts and defensive at Anfield even before Marco Materazzi’s 30th-minute red...
  7. jaansu

    Six Nations 2008

    France are probably going to win, but if they shoot themselves in the foot against England either Wales or Ireland could sneak in and take the title.
  8. jaansu

    Trap accepts Ireland job

    Former Italy Coach Giovanni Trapattoni has accepted the Republic of Ireland job, according to Press reports. Sources suggest that the 68-year-old met with the Irish Football Association’s selection committee last night and agreed to take the post when his contract with Red Bull Salzburg...
  9. jaansu

    Your Most memorable Juve Goal?

    Haven't been here for a while but had to share this one, it's from a while ago but it is the best goal ever!!!! Context: Juve and Fiorentina are one and two at the top of Serie A. Fiorentina are 2-0 up at half time, Juve get back to 2-2 and then this happens.
  10. jaansu

    How many of you are into writing?

    I agree, on the Michael Ballack bit and writing other has beens off, but I don't think thats the kind of writing we mean here, I could be wrong though.
  11. jaansu

    How many of you are into writing?

    Do you mean like writing Michael Ballack off?
  12. jaansu

    How many of you are into writing?

    I've written a few stories, poems etc entered a few competitions, never got anywhere though.:frown: It's a hobby really.
  13. jaansu

    mercato closed Mr. Secco? NOT!

    Canna is a must IMO. He's a great defender and a great leader. However I remember reading that the senior Juve players wouldn't like to see him back. If that is true, I take back what I have just said about him being a must.
  14. jaansu

    Domenech Putting Juve players in France B squad!!!

    I think the French football Federation do, more fool them.
  15. jaansu

    Klaas Jan Huntelaar

    That's great news, I hope we get him. He is a class player.
  16. jaansu

    Vincenzo Iaquinta

    I think this guy will be great for Juve. He certainly has the quality. You can't score 14 goals for a midtable team and be crap.
  17. jaansu

    Pavel Nedved

    I hope we can get someone like VDV so that we are not completly reliant on him for creativity.
  18. jaansu

    Van der Vaart

    VDV should be bought now. He is a perfect replacement for Neddy, and he can also learn a lot form Pavel.
  19. jaansu

    Pavel Nedved

    I just hope he stays injury free, we need him.
  20. jaansu

    Tiago Mendes

    Tiago aiming to follow in Paulo Sousa’s footsteps at Juventus Ambitious midfielder eyes championship triumph New Juventus signing Tiago has revealed he hopes to follow the path set at the Delle Alpi by former Portugal midfielder Paulo Sousa. Tiago, 26, moved to Juve from French...