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  1. Matthijs de Ligt - CB - Ajax

    It says they want to present him on saturday
  2. Atomic Winter mercato 2016

    And he liked my nedved and chiellini picture at Instagram so it's a done deal.
  3. Atomic Winter mercato 2016

    Henrik mkhitaryan liked my photo of shirts on Instagram from pavel nedved and chiellini. So guys he's coming haha
  4. Juventuz LIVE matches 2015/2016

    Maybe it's time to make some changes in the back. We are awful.
  5. Juventuz LIVE matches 2015/2016

    Goal from totti I think yes
  6. Juventuz LIVE matches 2015/2016

    Oooooowwwwwwnnnn gooooaaaallllllll
  7. Juventuz LIVE matches 2015/2016

    Referee is a little bit pro Genoa
  8. [Friendly] Olympique Marseille 2-0 JUVENTUS (August 1st, 2015)

    Zaza looks like a bad copy of matri
  9. [Friendly] Olympique Marseille 2-0 JUVENTUS (August 1st, 2015)

    Should have been harder Coman.
  10. [Friendly] Olympique Marseille 2-0 JUVENTUS (August 1st, 2015)

    Love our fighting spirit haha
  11. Summer mercato 2015

    Anderson anyone?
  12. Summer mercato 2015

    So now we go for jovetic oh wait ... I think in the end we will get Isco When he is 40
  13. Summer mercato 2015

    No first team player
  14. Julian Draxler - AM LC - Schalke 04

    Lichtsteiner just talks in german to him so is khedira.