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    Massimiliano Allegri

    It'll be Sarri again. Then the year after we bring Pirlo back again
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    Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    Thinking of you, @Siamak
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    Missing Members

    @DAiDEViL and @Ocelot miss you lads, hope yous are okay
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    [Serie A] Torino 0-0 Juventus [13th April, 2024 18:00 CEST]

    And Rabiot (is it Rabiot?) Not running into that space either. Nobody gives a fuck, nobody has a clue
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    Serie A 2023-24

    Ferguson out till the end of the season. Looks like he'll miss the fucking Euros as well.
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    Moise Kean

    I'm the last person who needs reminding to respect a Uruguayan :grin:
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    Moise Kean

    @Bianconero81 relevant stat 1713168906 There is this I found, also. I believe he's currently on 18 apps this season all comps
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    Massimiliano Allegri

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    Kenan Yıldız

    Even conte handled Pogba well.
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    Dušan Vlahović

    The guy we signed was 100% worth that price tag. Then he arrived and slowly started to get worse. Bizarre and inexplicable.
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    [Serie A] Torino 0-0 Juventus [13th April, 2024 18:00 CEST]

    @DanielSz how do you feel about this season's jersey?
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    Dušan Vlahović

    You're right I'd forgotten the Locatelli one. 1713036538
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    Moise Kean

    Wouldn't get a game at Celtic.
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    Dušan Vlahović

    He should have scored one of his two chances. Probably the first, the second was a great save. Why are we getting two chances from 90 minutes, though? And why is nobody else even a slight goal threat?
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    Massimiliano Allegri

    That move when he took off not only Vlahovic but also Gatti... I said out loud "Where are the goals coming from then? It also made me sad that Gatti is probably our second most likely player to create something and score. Didn't even bring Rugani on for Gatti.
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    Juventus - LIVE Matches 2023-24

    That was a good save on Dusan, but he should have smashed it in first time.
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    Summer Mercato season 2024-25

    Reading this post got me actual so excited to see what can be made of literally all our players under a new coach. Remember when Conte came in and suddenly Pepe and Barzagli were key players? And Krasic was put in the bin. Who knows who we have now who is actually brilliant, and who is actually...
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    Federico Gatti

    Who is Rudy?
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    Massimiliano Allegri

    We will peak in the year March
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    Carlos Tevez

    Love Tevez. Loved conte up till he left. Wanna go back to those times tbh