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  1. Manutd.Visitor

    [EU] Champions League 2008/2009

    Long time since I've been on this forum... and I have to say it's worse for this juvenile idiot!
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    [EN] Premier League 2004/05

    The bottom line is we (manutd) miss Beckham. Ronaldo has the flash and the future but he doesn't consistantly deliver great crosses and through balls over the course of a season (at the moment). Ask Ruud whom he would rather play with - a player whom is self serving (Ronaldo) or a man whom lives...
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    [SP] La Liga 2004/05

    his normal game is not too disastrous since his goalscoring ratio for Liverpool is better than 1 goal in 2 games ;)
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    Ferdinand banned for eight months

    I don't know why people are suggesting he was lucky to only get an 8 month ban. This is a FOOTBALL case not athletics, cycling etc. And why Dick Pound of WADA says Rio got off lightly let alone has anything to say is beyond me since, FIFA refuses to sign up to WADA's code precisely because they...
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    SerieA vs Epl

    You've got a point Martin although he falls into a different category of liking;) Paris who? I don't think English players are bad defenders... there are more mistakes in the prem because the football is more open. Buying exclusively foreign defenders won't work. Surely, homegrown...
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    SerieA vs Epl

    Just had to do a google on who the hell Hillary Duff was... she's cute but too blonde for my liking ;) Joking aside, I think Damien Duff has been the best premiership player this season. I knew he was quality at Blackburn but has really emphasized that at Chelsea.
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    SerieA vs Epl

    Here's my Prem 1st and 2nd team ;) : -------------------------1st Premiership XI------------------ ------------------------------Howard-------------------------- G.Neville---------Ferdinand-------Campbell--------A.cole...
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    Congrats Anna :) You remembered me :touched:
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    Week 1 (Aug 30-31)

    Hi all, long time no see :cool: I can't resist these predictions so here goes: 1. Juventus - Empoli 3-0 2. Brescia - Chievo 1-2 3. Bologna - Parma 2-1 4. Ancona - Milan 1-3 5. R. Madrid - R. Betis 3-1 6. Espanyol - R. Soceidad 1-1 7. A. Bilbao - Barcelona 1-2 8. Everton -...
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    10000 - I'm addicted :wallbang:

    Hi Vit :) , just passing by... Congrats on 1 0 0 0 0 posts :eek: Don't worry, I'll be back to terrorise you in the EPL thread :D
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    The teams we love to hate thred:

    Are you sure there's not a time delay of ten years on your satellite;)
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    liverpool or manchester united.

    So long as you've got Houllier as your manager, we'll catch up nay worries ;)
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    how do you guys rate the english premire league.

    Beckham, Wes Brown, Paul Scholes, Rio Ferdinand, Nicky Butt...:D
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    Beck, Raul, Morientes

    Yes, it seems Fergie has a liking for south Americans all of a sudden. There's even talk of Kleberson coming ;)
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    Beck, Raul, Morientes

    Paul Robinson is another good goalie and would be a huge improvement on Barthez, although the roumours linking him to us havn't been concrete. And Ronaldhinho? I think it's a certainty he'll be coming :D
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    Beck, Raul, Morientes

    I've heard that's a done deal and he'll be the guy to replace Brad Friedel in the US team. If he's that kind of quality I'll have him over Barthez anyday :)
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    Celtic and Rangers to the EPL

    The only way I would entertain Celtic and Rangers being in the EPL is if there was a GB national team, and that's not gonna happen. We're just about at breaking point with the number of foreign players in the league as it is. If they joined the EPL not only would they contain possibly no...
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    CL: Juventus - Real Madrid

    Unfortunately not :down: My armchair will have to do on this occasion :)
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    Week 27 (Finale)

    1. Juventus - Chievo 2-1 2. Roma - Atalanta 2-1 3. Udinese - Lazio 1-2 4. Bologna - Reggina 2-1 5. Inter - Perugia 2-1 6. Valencia - R. Madrid 1-2 7. Celta - Deportivo 1-2 8. Malaga - R. Soceidad 1-2 9. Shalke04 - B. Munich 1-2 10. Besiktas - Galatasaray 1-2
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    CL: Juventus - Real Madrid

    I was a fan of that Milan side of the early 90's. They weren't just just a collection of great individuals but a great team and great squad. Also they had one of if not the best defence around, an area Real just don't compare.