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  1. Where's Kweku??

    Lac I´m still here, do you still miss me? ;) so how is everybody? Like martin, Jules, Nina, paul, Erik P, Nekton, Mac, Jkane Glen and Ian
  2. A feeling of nostalgia...

    I am back Jkane, It took me a couple of years, :D
  3. OFFICIAL - Mark Iuliano joins Mallorca!

    Thank you Iuliano for all of the years at Juve
  4. Chicken ribs-Alessandro Del piero

    I was watching old classic games from the champions league. And I was reminded why he is my favourité player, but the Delpiero I´ve been seing for the last couple of years, isn´t the the player who should be captain and symbol of a big team like Juve. And thats why I was one of the people who...
  5. The Neverending Story-Cassano to Juve

    This is what we have been hoping for the last 6 years, it time to stop praying. Del piero isnt better than this and a wonderful goal against Real madrid doesn´t change this facts!
  6. 'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    Zlatan has scored a hattrick in 14 minutes
  7. finally it's all over... till january maybe?

    Thats exactly my point, you seem to forget that TRez is only one year older thanm Miccoli, but somehow most of you see Miccoli in Juves future but not Trez even do he is only one year older, the promising tag has to come off when your are 25 years old,. but sure I wanted Miccoli to stay and...
  8. finally it's all over... till january maybe?

    Why is everybody talking about Maresca and Miccoli as if they were Zidane or Maradona? Miccoli is needed, yes I agree, but only because we need 4 good forwards. Miccoli is 25 and regarded as a player with a big future. Zlatan is 23 and has so far done much more than Miccoli, but he doesn´t have...
  9. Miccoli leaving JUVE???

    Hallelulja, people are talking as if he was 18-20 years old, the guy is 25, But I feel very sorry for this, it would of been perfect to have Dp micc, Zlatan and Trez, We should sign Wiltrod for free now, dont like the guy, but hey we need a 4th striker
  10. 'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    And thats means? we are not all dutch you know!
  11. 'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    Calm down people. As I said, Swedish canalplus has already reschedule thier list of games they are going to show, they wouldn´t do that if it wasn´t a done deal. Zlatan is coming! and according to GAzzetta dello sport, Zlatan was seen in Turin. And dont forget they were quick to deny that Roma...
  12. 'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    The best thing about this deal is that Serie A will get the attention it deservs in Sweden, I can already announce to all the people who live in Sweden, That CAnalplus has the ambitition to show every juve game this season.
  13. Striker?

    sadly no!
  14. Striker?

    For sure we really need a player who can replace Trez in style, but I dont think Inzaghi jr is anything like Trez, But I ve always liked Luca Toni however since his playing days in Brescia. he would of been a great addition to our squad. btw Inzaghi is a crappy player even as a 4th striker
  15. [merged] Cannavaro

    Nesta doesn´t need to run as much as Canna beacuse he is always positioned on the right spot, its like a keeper who doesn´t have to make to many brilliant saves because he is well positioned. btw, we give Carini and get CAnnavaro? Great deal. Moggi still have some magic left!
  16. Striker?

    As It seems we are not buying anyone, we should get wiltord for free, he is better than Inzaghi jr, dont like him but its still better than getting nobody
  17. [CL] Djurgarden - Juventus

    for how long are you staying here? I´m going now, catch you later
  18. [CL] Djurgarden - Juventus

  19. Maresca

    Perhaps Maresca is more creative, But blasis game is more mature, allround and more reliable. I rather have Blasi
  20. [CL] Djurgarden - Juventus

    oh ok well thats understandable. Yep Olivera is a type player which juve has lacked. So where are you know? in the hotel?