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  1. simpson-juvefan

    [Serie A] Roma 1-3 JUVENTUS, August 30th 2009

    anyone link to melo's goal?
  2. simpson-juvefan

    Pavel Nedved

    grazie pavel!!!
  3. simpson-juvefan

    Serie A: PAVEL NEDVED farewell (May 31st 2009)

    forza pavel! great respect for a great player!!
  4. simpson-juvefan

    M.M.M (LIVE) OFFICIAL: Ranieri FIRED! Ciro IN

    great news.. thx god we got a new coach.. I think ranieri did quiet a decent job.. but his handling with some players esp. giovinco wasn't accaptable.. I hope our style of play also gets better!!!
  5. simpson-juvefan

    Sebastian Giovinco

    i feel sorry for giovinco
  6. simpson-juvefan

    Diego DONE DEAL(read posts #1 & #4786)

    i still dont't believe it until its official.. i hope only that doesn't mean that we lose giovinco..
  7. simpson-juvefan

    Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    damn our shots are so weak..
  8. simpson-juvefan

    Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

  9. simpson-juvefan

    Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    geat chance wasted
  10. simpson-juvefan

    Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    ist official i hate ranieri, why not bring on giovinco?
  11. simpson-juvefan

    Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    thanks but where can it watch juve?
  12. simpson-juvefan

    Juventuz LIVE 2008/2009

    any links?
  13. simpson-juvefan

    Serie A: Juventus vs Sampdoria [Jan 20 2008]

    do i need to register first?
  14. simpson-juvefan

    Gianluigi Buffon

    Congratulations Buffon, well deserved!!!
  15. simpson-juvefan

    Serie A: Lazio vs Juventus [Dec 15th 2007]

    is the game on Rai 1?
  16. simpson-juvefan

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

  17. simpson-juvefan

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    I am not interest in how much money they earn, because its way to much not only Del Piero all the others around! But if its a paycut imo he should earn more than Nedved and Camo due to respect for all his achievment..