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  1. Ben`

    Juve's Future Fan-Idol

    We Everton fans are too busy booing players to have an idol. :D
  2. Ben`

    Juve's youngsters around the world

    I think with co-ownership you have the blind auction buisness at the end of the season or something? That's how we lost out on Eriberto (blessing in disguise) and a couple of others at the start of this season.
  3. Ben`


    Damnit, we need to get a system were we aren't reliant on one player : Nedved. Either play Oliveira if Neddy isn't fit, or switch to a system that doesn't fall to pieces when Neddy can't play.
  4. Ben`


    I knew this would happen, Como sit back, our lot play crap and they go sneak a goal. :(
  5. Ben`

    Juve's youngsters around the world

    Well...Pericard's scored yet again for Portsmouth this afternoon. Hopefully next season we can loan him out to a Serie A/Premiership side, because at this rate he could be a star.
  6. Ben`

    conte as team captain

    Have you seen him lately? He was slightly dodgy in the first game, but has recovered quite well, and once match fit (and confident after playing a number of games) he'll be on the verge of a recall.
  7. Ben`

    conte as team captain

    oh, and umm...Keep Alex as captain..last season and this season he's been superb. Is it a coincidence it's because he is captain? Maybe. Maybe not.
  8. Ben`

    conte as team captain

    I think the race for new no1. will be between Richard Wright and Paul Robinson, as they're the ones playing regular first team football, are quite young, and are playing well. Kirkland will be 3rd choice I think, because he doesn't get much first team football, but will be in there because of...
  9. Ben`

    Juventus Vs Newcastle

    I can't believe ITV are choosing to show Man Utd. AGAIN. It's a disgrace, it's the same on the EPL highlights, always Man Utd/Arsenal/Liverpool and no other teams in the main highlights section..the others get shown right at the end, for just the goals. Everyone I've asked have said that...
  10. Ben`

    Juve's youngsters around the world

    Pericard scored again yesterday for Portsmouth.
  11. Ben`

    What's in your opinion a club team that played the best soccer

    Yeah, I'd agree on the current Arsenal side. They're just amazing. I can't wait to see how far and how well they'll do in this years European Cup.
  12. Ben`

    Juventus vs Kiev

    Hmmm...according to Football Italia... "That goal was very important as it makes Del Piero the top Serie A goalscorer of all time in the European Cup/Champions' League. The Juventus star hits 25 goals and overtakes previous holder Jose Altafini. 'Pinturicchio's first Euro-strike was in the...
  13. Ben`

    Azerbaijan vs Italy

    Well I just saw DP's free kick on Eurosport, and it was a beauty. Still confused as to why he was wearing 7 though...Totti wasn't playing, why not wear 10?
  14. Ben`

    Jersey 2002/2003

    I'm glad I ordered last seasons one now...this lot are truley horrid. :(
  15. Ben`

    Jersey 2002/2003

    Urgh...that new home shirt looks horrible. I'll go and buy last seasons with "DP 10" on the back thanks ;)
  16. Ben`


    Totti. His attitude stinks, and he's overrated.
  17. Ben`

    New Champions' League format

    I still want to see them reduce it to just a knockout format throughout, and only include the champions of each country...the other teams could go into a modified Uefa Cup, that would have more incentive to do well the Winner gaining a Champions League place for the next season, as...
  18. Ben`

    Official signing: Mauro Camoranesi

    Interesting signing...I haven't really heard of him so I can't comment on his quality...but I hear he's a winger? So...would that mean that Lippi is going to go back to his 4-4-2 this year, and try and make that work?
  19. Ben`

    Biggest disappointment of the World Cup?

    England....I thought that considering the teams left in, we might have been able to go all the way. Oh well. :/
  20. Ben`

    Post count restoration project

    Mine was a rather lame 250-ish...feel free to restore it though :)