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  1. china man

    Who is the biggest absent player in Euro 2008?

    can i vote CANNAVARO NOW im cryin now
  2. china man

    Juventus 91st Best Team In World :(

    91 in the world???? the board is blind
  3. china man

    Xabi Alonso

    haiyo yo.......xabi is good enough
  4. china man

    Official Azzurri (Italy) Euro 2008 Thread

    no offense.......damn cannavaro missin in euro 2008 devastatin but if the captain armband goes to del piero i realyy don mind also ahahahah hate inter hate mourinho
  5. china man

    Diego Ribas da Cunha

    impossible to support real and juventus at the same time.....lame for me..
  6. china man

    Uefa player of the year

    i don believe ibra deserved to b dominated.....anti juve thats why.....sorry for totti
  7. china man

    Rooney, Nani, Anderson, Ronaldo

    manu play good football i admited...i live in london as well as arsenal..i just wish juve would b more effective term off good football..:)
  8. china man

    -what are u currently listenin to?-

    discotech-young one
  9. china man

    Rooney, Nani, Anderson, Ronaldo

    imagine ronaldinho joining man u instead of barcelona.....boring boring united
  10. china man

    Jose Mourinho. Do we need him?

    the special one rules
  11. china man

    Mourinho Quits Chelsea!

    don b surprise mourinho will b coaching man united next season
  12. china man

    Jesus Linked With Juve

    shoalin soccer would b fantastic rather than jeses
  13. china man

    Non Football Related Games?

    c&c tiberium war
  14. china man

    Steven Gerrard

    RHINO gattuso
  15. china man

    fight between mourinho and Watford manager

    mourinho is the has been rumour he is LEAVING CHELSKI
  16. china man

    Ronaldinho to Milan?

    milan and juventus fan>>>???is he colour blind of what??it will b impossible to support both..u know ur self...if u realy love football....ur heart will tell which one is the most important and not milan/ is joke......juventus /milan are rivall we love to kick their ass same as...
  17. china man

    Rafael Marquez

  18. china man

    Ederson the new Ronaldhino to Juve???

  19. china man

    GTA: IV

    he is the new terrorist on GTA 4 ONLY PS3 I PRESUME...ARGH..PS3 IS SO EXPENSIVE
  20. china man


    he always lost the ball to DIDEAR DROGBA...he is useless when facing a stronger player like drogba so nonono