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  1. The Return of The King

    I've seen it... I've seen it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its great n I LIKE IT no matter what people say... It'll be the best movie of the year..... haha... I LOVE U LEGOLAS!!! mmuah..
  2. Favourite TV shows

    Alias La Femme Nikita
  3. Indian movies!

    ever seen two or three of Indian movies (and I still remember them) : kuch2 hota hai, mohabtein, and andaaz. I like the songs in "Andaaz" played by Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta and if I'm not mistaken Akhsay Kumar.. & one more artist ----> I cant remember her one thing I cant stop...
  4. help me pls

    or this one: "Dont love me" Tell me why you're crying... Of happiness. And why are you drowning? for loneliness Tell me why you take my hands so strongly, and let your thoughts carry you away I love you so much And why is that? Crazy stubborn person, stop doubting it any longer...
  5. help me pls

    No Me Ames /Jennifer Lopez & Mark Anthony [From Album : On The 6] (English Translation) Marc: tell me why you're crying Jen: of happiness Marc: and why you drown Jen: for loneliness Marc: why do you choose me Marc: so strong, my hands Marc: and your thoughts Marc: will always be...
  6. Movies you've seen recently...

    just saw Matrix Revolution... not bad :thumb: , its great!!!!!!!!!!! I luv it :star: :star: :star:
  7. Waaaaaa, finally im trapped:D

    :shocked: congrats Bahrain :touched:, hope u'll be happy forever :D To ThE W oRLd YoU MaY Be OnE PEr SON, BuT t O oNe PeRsOn YoU MaY bE ThE wORLD :D
  8. hi everyone!

    oh.. hi too princess... nice to meet u n welcome
  9. Tips for the Losers

    When Juve loses I set my mind automatically to this : "Dont cry because its over, Smile because it happened" :angel: If it doesnt work:rolleyes: EAT !!!! u'll need energy:D
  10. Eid Mubarak!!!

    zillion of thanx majed :D erm... can I ask u why those letters should be in Bold :confused: is it the diff arabian letter like z for the first n dz for the second :confused: well if u dont mind to answer it :D
  11. Someone plz help!!

    yup.. It doesnt work
  12. Eid Mubarak!!!

    it maybe too late (or maybe not)... here we say it: taqabalallaahu minna wa minkum.... minal aidzin wal faidzin (hope spell it right)
  13. SERIE A: Juventus - Udinese

    juve greatsss!!!!
  14. Juve supporter, or player supporter?

    hmm..... hw to say it :confused: my fav player is gigi (since he was in parma) n my fav team is juve (4ever) so when gigi move to juve I feel so :shocked: glad but if gigi at (that time) move to MU or wherever... Im still n always be juve fan.. sometimes our fav player is not...
  15. Juve supporter, or player supporter?

    But Juve is my fav team 4ever :(
  16. Juve supporter, or player supporter?

    me??? the player of course :D
  17. juventus

    it wont happen :rolleyes: it wont happen :rolleyes: its imposible :D wont happen :yuck: wont happen :D Totti for Roma is like DP for Juve :heart: :D
  18. SERIE A: Juventus - Udinese

    My feeling said (its usually right): 2-0 for Juve
  19. CL: Real Sociedad - Juventus

    even the game is a little bored to watch :devil: but Juve played quite dicipline :D especially Buffon at least his score is 7 up right?? :D I think Nihat played well too... just unlucky :D
  20. Ramadan Kareem!!

    HAPPY RAMADHAN EVRY1 !!! !! !! ! btw, I'm muslim too... :D vit, nice meet u again here :D