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  1. Our midfield

    Interesting dicussion.. But i have to say that i agree with denco and montero, i really disagree w/ the opinion that neddy is better zz at PM role. However i sa that neddy is a better winger thatn zz, coz he is faster and more persevering player than zz.(Just look at DP's goal last night...
  2. Roberto Baggio

    Hey, we're kinda the same.. Anyone else who had become a juve fan b'coz of him, raise your hand pls!! Emmm..del piero?? :LOL:
  3. >>juventus<< ((//design\\))

    :thumb::thumb: Tamam.. :LOL:
  4. Juventus' Probable Formation

    I agree.. :thumb::thumb::thumb: But in front i'd have to say: ---Trez-----DV/DP-- As DV's role was more like DP than Trez in Parma.. DV can dribble, cross and deliver corners just like DP!
  5. Our midfield

    Amen, let's just hope so..
  6. Thuram - This will be a great season.

    Yeah.. i agree with dennis.. errr i mean denco :D Thuram was OK againts atlanta.. as he was OK too last season imo, but last sunday it was moretti and zenoni that had impressed me most. It's getting harder now to choose betwen those two in LB pos. IMO moretti is better in defending while...
  7. Tacchi sticking with Juve

    Where did u get that pic, dpforever??
  8. This 2002/2003 Team is Great

    Get well soon treze, tudor.. with u guys around corners and setpieces never looked more dangerous :thumb:
  9. Striker rating?

  10. Roberto Baggio

    Wow, thx alot for the videos guys.. It really brings out some old memories!! Roby was the first reason why i liked juve.. But then the arrival of DP and ZZ kinda make me forget of what roby is really made of.. Roby ROCKS!!
  11. Striker rating?

    Is di Vaio more of a supporting striker like DP or a target man like Trez? Coz from what i've seen imo his has good dribbling ability, quite versatile, like to go deep to get the ball some times and can deliver good if not great crosses! So i see him more like DP really, not trez.. only far...
  12. Best def/mid/forw in Juve 01/02

    So happy 2 b able 2 participate again after a looong vacation :) Buffon/thuram(?)/Nedved/Trez Buffon made some great saves last season, and imo is one of a key factor in our campaign last season, and so is trez.. who i've seen many times made something out of nothing :thumb: As for def...
  13. What can we win?

    Retaining the scudetto imo is not less important then winning CL, b'coz the challenge is far more geater with milan and inter as a far serious contender than last season. So if we could win it, it would be more prestigious i think. But yes, it is the CL title that juve player,staff and fans...
  14. Fighting for third place?

    So what if vieri was injured? Treze didnt play in whole 34 matches either. I think he only played in 30 matches while Vieri in 26/28 (?) and scored 22 with 4 penalties. Treze's still young and there's much room 4 improvement while vierri is ageing and have to adapt to new striking partner...
  15. Marcelo Salas

    Salas is a champ, i remember his 2 goals againts england in wembley(?), they were superb goals, also his header againts italy in WC98, world class.. But after that i cant seem to remember anything great bout him, esp in lazio.. What i do remember in his first juve campaign was his horrible...
  16. Fighting for third place?

    it's ok as long as it will be: juve-milan-inter: win :D PS: not agree on the forward part though
  17. Athirson

    I dont think so rickenbacker, as i've just watch him played really well for flamengo. They were only highlights though, but in one game he scored a goal and one assist while in another he made an assist and a great cannonballers and a few great crosses..
  18. brighi

    I'm thinking the same thing.. let's all wish him a good (or great) season at parma..
  19. How well do you know Juve

    I think it's more likely to be vialli, and was it lentini who broke his transfer record?
  20. Juventus' Probable Formation

    :D Just quoted to what i've read about him :D But personally i dont know if it's true or not since i've never really have the chance to watch him play.. so i can't give my personal opinion for his ability