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  1. DutchJuventino

    Summer Mercato season 2024-25

    Giuntoli needs to step up his game. We are not Napoli. Di Gregorio come on, that is subtop level of you are lucky. All his transfers are for subtop clubs. We need a goalkeeper a la Carnessecchi
  2. DutchJuventino

    Italy-Stadium projects and developments

    Today work started for renovating Artemio Franchi. Fiorentina wanted a complete new stadium, but the muncipal did not allow it. They need to renovate and can not change everything because of the monumental status of Artemio Franchi. Work started today and they will complete in two years. The...
  3. DutchJuventino

    Future coach

    Inter should've won 2-0 or 3-0, missed a lot of big chances. Barella is actually an insane player. He is a real engine in midfield, technical gifted and has good attacking moves. What a player, one of the best midfielders in the world but he doesn't get the recognition. If he was in our squad he...
  4. DutchJuventino

    Dean Huijsen

    He is 100% Dutch. His father was a good baller but became friends with Willem Holleeder. One of the most famous people in the Dutch (drugs) underworld. He did a lot of 'dirt work' for Holleeder. So his father fled to Marbella and lived there for the rest of his life. Dean has the same talent...
  5. DutchJuventino

    Summer Mercato season 2024-25

    He is Twente/Heracles youth (these two clubs have a combined youth academy) biggest prospect in years. A lot of foreign topclubs want him and ofcourse Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV. I don't know i he will choose us.
  6. DutchJuventino

    Serie A 2023-24

    They win a lot of matches at home, in away games they are worse. Good job from Motta to be honest!
  7. DutchJuventino

    Champions League 2023-24

    Di Matteo won CL with Chelsea. Was he a good coach?
  8. DutchJuventino

    Massimiliano Allegri

    I love our ability to score a lot of goals. We scored 36 goals in 24 matches already! Perfect statistic that even more is evident for our beautiful way of football! Big teams like Empoli and Salernitana scored less.
  9. DutchJuventino

    Summer Mercato season 2024-25

    Another useless Locatelli
  10. DutchJuventino

    Matthijs de Ligt

    Tuchel chose Eric Dier above De Ligt :lol:
  11. DutchJuventino

    Summer Mercato season 2024-25

    Dimarco is one of the best left(wing)backs in the world last 2 seasons.
  12. DutchJuventino

    The Super League part tre?

    Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord directors said they didn't even talk to Laporta and don't know anything about being part of the Super League :lol: He is just making things up to make it more attractive :lol:
  13. DutchJuventino

    Cristiano Giuntoli

    The loan fee is not too high since Southampton according to DiMarzio pay the full salary.
  14. DutchJuventino

    Non-Juve Transfer news (official or rumors)

    Bologna bought a 19 year old striker for 12 million euros named Santiago Castro from velez Sarsfield. He must be the replacement for Zirkzee in the summer, who will be sold.
  15. DutchJuventino

    Juventus Next Gen

    Yes i really like the idea of a stadium. I typed on my phone some shitty autocorrect. I meant the youth development is very good, but a lot of elite teams has already a good youth. We finally on the same level. I meant also that a small stadium is a very big improvement for youth team. It is...
  16. DutchJuventino

    Juventus Next Gen

    Exactly what every top club youth academy is. They want to build a small stadium for them and Womens team, hade to give Juventus that as a +. 1706211740 Good development it is for sure. But nothing special.
  17. DutchJuventino

    Non-Juve Transfer news (official or rumors)

    Simone Pafundi (17) the very big Udinese talent, called '"he new Messi" loaned too Lausanne in Swiss. They have a buy-out clause 15m. How can they afford? Answer: IONOS is the owner, the same owner as OGC Nice and new Manchester United owners. So if he breaks through he is most likely United...
  18. DutchJuventino

    Other Leagues 2023-24

    Just found out Zdenek Zeman is coaching Pescara in Serie C with a squad average of 22. He must be almost 80 years :lol: :heart:
  19. DutchJuventino

    Teun Koopmeiners - AM C/M C - Atalanta

    He is great for Atalanta, but they play in a certain way with a specific system. For the national team he is always bang average, so I am a bit sceptical. He has the qualities no doubt, but he can be as 'system-player'.
  20. DutchJuventino

    Serie A 2023-24

    Udinese and Frosinone shouldn't relegate because they have modern stadiums. I hope that will trigger other clubs. Frosinone especially because they are developing our players and play quite good football. I think Salernitana, Hellas (they sold half their squad in winter market, but sad to see...